Specialists shine, top rankings


1. Trevor Pardula: He slammed punts of 78 and 65 yards, averaged 57.6 yards on five punts, nailed three inside the 20 and two inside the 10. His three kickoffs averaged 64 yards.

2. Matthew Wyman: Booted 52-yard game-winning field goal as time expired and in the process became famous.

3. Ben Heeney: Admit it: The reason you don’t have a seat closer to the field is because you’re afraid Heeney will overrun a play, leap into the stands and tackle the first person he sets his eyes on. As his brother said, Ben is a “wrecking ball, a tornado.” He went horizontal to catch an interception tipped by Dexter McDonald and made most of his 10 tackles hurt.

4. Dexter McDonald: He really knows how to stay with his man and seems to enjoy tackling. He was credited with two pass break-ups and 10 tackles.

5. Victor Simmons: Had a huge nine-yard sack and played an aggressive game on the way to 10 tackles, two for losses and one pass break-up.

6. Tony Pierson: A huge part of the game plan, Pierson had 31 rushing yards and 82 receiving yards on nine catches. Had a 29-yard reception on the game-winning drive.

7. James Sims: He kicked off the game-winning drive, which started at KU’s five-yard line, with runs of 12 and five yards, giving quarterback Jake Heaps room with which to work.

8. Jake Heaps: He’s not fast, but he does know how to get out of the way of a heavy rush and he showed that from his own end zone on multiple occasions. One interception came when the intended target ran the wrong route, another on a ball that popped out of Tony Pierson’s hands. Completed 28 of 46 for 279 yards.

9. Michael Reynolds: As Kenneth Dixon was about to fall on top of Reynolds, the linebacker ripped the ball out of his hands, forcing a fumble that prevented Louisiana Tech from scoring and gave the ball to KU for its game-winning drive.

10. Jimmay Mundine: He was not going to be denied the end zone on his 22-yard touchdown catch.

Keegan Ratings Season Standings
T1. James Sims (22 points)
T1. Ben Heeney (22 points)
3. Tony Pierson (21 points)
T4. Matthew Wyman (14 points)
T4. Dexter McDonald (14 points)
6. Trevor Pardula (11 points)
7. Darrian Miller (9 points)
8. Keon Stowers (8 points)
T9. Michael Reynolds (7 points)
T9. Isaiah Johnson (7 points)
T11. Josh Ford (6 points)
T11. Victor Simmons (6 points)
13. JaCorey Shepherd (4 points)
T14. Jake Heaps (3 points)
T14. Brandon Bourbon (3 points)
T14. Keba Agostinho (3 points)
T17. Connor Embree (2 points)
T17. Jake Love (2 points)
19. Jimmay Mundine (1 point)


John Randall 6 years, 4 months ago

No quarrel with these choices, but Heaps played well enough for more recognition. Finally getting some (not a great deal but some) help from stone-handed WRs, and a few chances to make a second read before having to unload, it seems the hoopla about having a Big12 caliber QB isn't all hype.

Eric Williams 6 years, 4 months ago

No problem with these. Our defense, especially Heeney, has been carrying our team. Still need our WRs to work on running better routes.

LAJayhawk 6 years, 4 months ago

Atrocious O-Line and WRs who can't get separation to save their lives, and Heaps still had a decent game, all things considered. Imagine if he had the 2008 OLine and Dez and Meier to throw to. He's not Todd Reesing, but he could do some damage with those kinds of weapons.

Mark Lindrud 6 years, 4 months ago

I want to give a shout to Cassius and Keba with some sweet moments.

Christopher Hauser 6 years, 4 months ago

Christian matthews with a clutch third down reception and a kickback decleating block to help mundine get into the end zone.

Jeff Coffman 6 years, 4 months ago

Still disappointed with the drops...mundane even had one. The good news is there was more passes and fewer drops. A couple weeks of preparation will hopefully help at the onset of conference play.

Phil Leister 6 years, 4 months ago

Not sure if "mundane" was a typo, but I think it's entirely appropriate.

actorman 6 years, 4 months ago

Love the description of Heeney! That has to be the funniest thing that Keegan's written.

codyinman 6 years, 4 months ago

Where's the love for Keon Stowers?! That dude is a beast!! He has shown up big time in both of our wins this season.

Micky Baker 6 years, 3 months ago

And they took a TD away from him on a call on a white line on the field that blocked a guy in the back.

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