Two offensive players top rankings against Baylor


1. Brandon Bourbon: Gained 48 yards on seven carries, 22 after taking pitch from Montell Cozart and finding the end zone. Bourbon’s speed makes him well-suited to play with Cozart, who has running ability that makes defense account for him.

2. Rodriguez Coleman: Got a step on the Baylor defense and reacted well to the deep ball from Cozart and also caught a 30-yard touchdown pass from Jake Heaps.

3. Victor Simmons: Took a bad angle early that enabled a long touchdown reception, but never stopped competing and forced two fumbles in the second half.

4. Keon Stowers: Defense repeatedly was tagged for 38 first-half points and easily could have stopped competing hard, but with Stowers on the field, that’s not going to happen.

5. Cassius Sendish: Hard hitter led the team with eight tackles.

6. Trevor Pardula: Averaged 46.8 yards on 11 punts and stuck four inside the 20.

7. Connor Embree: Consistently does his job as punt returner well and since Baylor was the opponent, he only received one chance. He returned it 24 yards.

8. Kevin Young: Made a tackle behind the line of scrimmage and forced a fumble.

9. Keba Agostinho: Made a tackle behind the line of scrimmage and recovered a fumble.

10. Montell Cozart: Led one good drive in which he completed a long pass, ran for a significant gain and perfectly timed a pitch to Bourbon that went for a touchdown. Completed just 4 of 14 passes and lost a fumble, but showed he has skills.

Keegan Ratings Season Standings
1. James Sims (40 points)
T2. Ben Heeney (31 points)
T2. Tony Pierson (31 points)
4. Victor Simmons (28 points)
5. JaCorey Shepherd (24 points)
6. Darrian Miller (23 points)
7. Keon Stowers (22 points)
8. Trevor Pardula (20 points)
9. Josh Ford (15 points)
T10. Matthew Wyman (14 points)
T10. Dexter McDonald (14 points)
T10. Michael Reynolds (14 points)
T13. Brandon Bourbon (13 points)
T13. Isaiah Johnson (13 points)
15. Connor Embree (12 points)
16. Cassius Sendish (11 points)
T17. Andrew Turzilli (10 points)
T17. Keba Agostinho (10 points)
T19. Rodriguez Coleman (9 points)
T19. Dexter Linton (9 points)
T21. Jake Love (5 points)
T21. Courtney Arnick (5 points)
T23. Jimmay Mundine (4 points)
T23. Kevin Young (4 points)
T25. Jake Heaps (3 points)
26. Montell Cozart (1 point)


Chris Bailey 6 years, 3 months ago

There is a player that doesn't get much credit that to me plays with a high motor all game long and that is Keon Stowers! The dude plays his butt off week in and out. He draws double teams on most plays. He almost recovered the fumble that went out of bounds as a lineman. He hustles all over the field. The future is bright for this Jayhawk and I am so happy he's only a Junior. Not sure if many notice him as he plays a position that doesn't come with all the accolades. If we had 4 defensive lineman just like him we'd be an elite defense in the Big12 especially going into next season where we'll have veteran leadership in the secondary and of course at linebacker. The Heaps experiment is over. Cozart needs to be handed the keys to the offense. He needs to start period. We are building our future and I don't think Heaps is our guy. We need a mobile quarterback. I sure hope our offensive line plays much better next year and the 5 guys that are there in the spring are our starters. We really need 5 guys here for off season workouts. Hopefully we can make some adjustments and get the redshirts out there and show what they can do.

Jonathan Allison 6 years, 3 months ago

Did Keba bat a pass as well?

KU got burned pretty bad by Baylor. But, I didn't see anybody give up. Hopefully Rod Coleman will come to life now. Heaps had some good passes that just got dropped. People have been asing, "where's Sendish" and I predicted that he'd have a big game today, and he did. Unfortunately for KU be was too often forced into pass coverage rather than being able to play center field or else Baylor wouldn't have broke so many long TDs.

I was very impressed with Simmons in the 2nd half, the two forced fumbles could have been huge.

We're only the second team all season so far to hold Baylor under 69.

Bill Kackley 6 years, 3 months ago

Maybe O-line isn't as bad as advertised. Baybe holes already closed when running backs get there because Heaps is so damn slow getting from under center to getting back to handin off the ball.

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