James Sims top 'Hawk against Sooners


1. James Sims: Even when it was clear the ball was going to him, Sims was able to ram his way to tough gains on his way to first downs. He rushed for 129 yards and two touchdowns and had 107 rushing yards in the first half.

2. Josh Ford: As Denver Broncos D-back Chris Harris tweeted, Ford is “a beast on special teams.” He blocked a punt, setting up a six-yard touchdown run for James Sims.

3. JaCorey Shepherd: He continues to make quarterbacks pay for trying to pick on him. He intercepted a pass, recovered a fumble and had four tackles.

4. Keon Stowers: Brought non-stop energy up front and was a disruptive force. One of his four tackles was for a loss and he forced a fumble. Strong guy in more ways than one.

5. Darrian Miller: Quick, balanced back scooted his way to 67 rushing yards on nine carries and broke one run for 38 yards.

6. Victor Simmons: Two of his eight tackles were for a loss. Knows how to use blend of size and speed to make plays.

7. Isaiah Johnson: Getting more physical by the week, the sophomore safety was in on a sack and had another tackle behind the line of scrimmage.

8. Jake Love: Performed well in filling in for injured Ben Heeney. One of his eight tackles was for a loss and he was credited with a pair of quarterback hurries.

9. Dexter Linton: Hard hitter led the team with nine tackles.

10. Courtney Arnick: Has a nose for the ball and can move. Had six tackles and made some of them hurt.

Keegan Ratings Season Standings
1. James Sims (40 points)
T2. Ben Heeney (31 points)
T2. Tony Pierson (31 points)
4. JaCorey Shepherd (24 points)
5. Darrian Miller (23 points)
6. Victor Simmons (20 points)
T7. Trevor Pardula (15 points)
T7. Keon Stowers (15 points)
T7. Josh Ford (15 points)
T10. Matthew Wyman (14 points)
T10. Dexter McDonald (14 points)
T10. Michael Reynolds (14 points)
13. Isaiah Johnson (13 points)
14. Andrew Turzilli (10 points)
15. Dexter Linton (9 points)
T16. Connor Embree (8 points)
T16. Keba Agostinho (8 points)
T18. Jake Love (5 points)
T18. Cassius Sendish (5 points)
T18. Courtney Arnick (5 points)
21. Jimmay Mundine (4 points)
T22. Jake Heaps (3 points)
T22. Brandon Bourbon (3 points)
24. Kevin Young (1 point)


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