KU's secondary earns 4 of 10 spots in rankings


Kansas cornerback JaCorey Shepherd (24) takes a interception in for a KU touchdown against TCU on Saturday,  Oct. 12, 2013.

Kansas cornerback JaCorey Shepherd (24) takes a interception in for a KU touchdown against TCU on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013. by Richard Gwin

1. JaCorey Shepherd: Returned his first interception 32 yards for a touchdown and forced a fumble on next possession that gave KU ball in favorable field position.

2. Victor Simmons: Knows how to use size and speed to his advantage from nickel back spot. Had a fumble recovery, was in on a sack and six tackles.

3. James Sims: TCU’s defense did a terrific job of closing holes instantly, but Sims still managed to grit out 81 rushing yards on 23 carries. As a receiver, he negated the good he did after turning screen pass into 30-yard gain, by cutting back to his right and fumbling.

4. Michael Reynolds: Speedy pass-rusher had a 10-yard sack and three tackles.

5. Dexter Linton: Had two pass break-ups and six tackles. He makes his hits hurt.

6. Keba Agostinho: Senior D-lineman who is among most improved players on the team had an active day that included four tackles.

7. Trevor Pardula: Pinned TCU on its 5 once and averaged 46.2 yards on 10 punts. He gets a lot of hang time, too.

8. Andrew Turzilli: Ripped the ball from All-Big 12 cornerbck Jason Verrett for a 50-yard reception, but injured his leg on the play and never re-appeared. Has established himself as the team’s best deep threat, based on two catches, the first for a TD against Texas Tech. Season stats: Two receptions, 78 yards.

9. Isaiah Johnson: Had his second pick of the season and was in on a couple of tackles behind the line of scrimmage, one of the solo variety.

10. Kevin Young: Active day for the improved senior defensive tackle. In on a sack and had another tackle for loss and was a factor in TCU O-line not dominating the line of scrimmage.

Keegan Ratings Season Standings
T1. Ben Heeney (31 points)
T1. Tony Pierson (31 points)
3. James Sims (30 points)
4. Darrian Miller (17 points)
5. JaCorey Shepherd (16 points)
T6. Trevor Pardula (15 points)
T6. Victor Simmons (15 points)
T8. Matthew Wyman (14 points)
T8. Dexter McDonald (14 points)
T8. Michael Reynolds (14 points)
11. Andrew Turzilli (10 points)
12. Isaiah Johnson (9 points)
T13. Keon Stowers (8 points)
T13. Connor Embree (8 points)
T13. Keba Agostinho (8 points)
16. Dexter Linton (7 points)
17. Josh Ford (6 points)
18. Cassius Sendish (5 points)
T19. Courtney Arnick (4 points)
T19. Jimmay Mundine (4 points)
T21. Jake Heaps (3 points)
T21. Brandon Bourbon (3 points)
23. Jake Love (2 points)
24. Kevin Young (1 point)


Aaron Paisley 6 years, 10 months ago

James Sims shouldn't be number 3. That fumble is couldn't have come at a worse time and had a huge impact on the game. I would put Sims down at 9 or 10 at best because of how costly that fumble was.

Jonathan Allison 6 years, 10 months ago

Keegan makes it sound like he thinks that Sims shouldn't have attempted to cut back into the field. The defender made a good swipe at the ball, but there's no way that Sims should have dropped it. He did have the ball a little bit out away from his body while he was making his cut, but he wasn't waving it around recklessly. I think that he will probably tuck it away a little tighter next week if he ever finds some room to run.

That fumble may have cost us the game (we'll never know). I always think about the 2006 season when the team went 6-6 and missed a bowl game, but in 4 of the losses we led late in the game or had a chance to drive and win, and we didn't finish. Kerry Meier shortarming the endzone fade time after time. The defense failing to make a stop late in the 4th quarter against Texas A&M's Stephen McGee and Jorvorski Lane.

That KU team was better than this year's version, but they could have been 10-2. This year's team would be 4-1 if we had any evidence of an offense.

Mike Pressgrove 6 years, 10 months ago

Has anyone else notice our 5 star transfer quarterback only has 3 points?

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