Pierson best Jayhawk in return to field


1. Tony Pierson: Rushed for 50 yards on a reverse and finished day with 87 yards on six carries, a 14.5 average. After beating former teammate Tyler Patmon near goal line, he couldn’t hold onto a pass that would have set the KU sideline on fire because Patmon talked trash from start to finish.

2. JaCorey Shepherd: Returned five kicks for 169 yards, including a 69-yard return. Covered well enough that OSU threw at Dexter McDonald most of the day. 

3. Ben Heeney: Had 11 tackles, one quarterback hurry and two tackles behind the line of scrimmage.

4. Keon Stowers: Had a career-high five tackles and received extra attention from blockers. Determined player who desperately wants to play for a winner.

5. Trevor Pardula: Averaged 46.4 yards for his 11 punts. Had four punts inside the 20 and a long of 55 yards. Needs to be added to the Ray Guy top 10 watch list. Immediately.

6. Michael Reynolds: Had one sack and two pass-breakups. He’s the closest thing the team has to a pass-rusher. 

7. Andrew Turzilli: Two catches for 54 yards, including a 39-yard reception from Cozart.

8. Damon Martin: His addition to starting lineup at right guard seemed to have a positive impact on the running game.

9. Montell Cozart: Ran his way out of trouble repeatedly, rushing for 55 yards. He completed 6 of 17 passes for 58 yards.

10. James Sims: Called upon to carry the ball 21 times, but only had a 3.1 yards a gain.

Keegan Ratings Season Standings
T1. James Sims (48 points)
T1. Ben Heeney (48 points)
3. Tony Pierson (41 points)
4. JaCorey Shepherd (33 points)
5. Keon Stowers (29 points)
6. Victor Simmons (28 points)
7. Darrian Miller (27 points)
8. Trevor Pardula (26 points)
9. Michael Reynolds (24 points)
10. Isaiah Johnson (21 points)
T11. Josh Ford (15 points)
T11. Jake Love (15 points)
T11. Rodriguez Coleman (15 points)
T14. Matthew Wyman (14 points)
T14. Dexter McDonald (14 points)
T14. Andrew Turzilli (14 points)
T17. Brandon Bourbon (13 points)
T17. Keba Agostinho (13 points)
19. Connor Embree (12 points)
20. Cassius Sendish (11 points)
21. Dexter Linton (9 points)
T22. Courtney Arnick (5 points)
T22. Jake Heaps (5 points)
T24. Jimmay Mundine (4 points)
T24. Kevin Young (4 points)
26. Montell Cozart (4 points)
27. Damon Martin (3 points)


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