Mason, Embiid again lead off the bench, this time in KU loss


1. Frank Mason: Scored all of his team-high 12 points in the final 13:22, rallying KU from 11-point deficit to a one-point lead when he made the free throw to complete old-fashioned three-point play. Scored the bucket off a wicked spin move in the lane. His other five field goals: Jumper that cut deficit to nine, drive that cut it to eight, deep three-pointer that cut it to six, shot off glass after catching lob to trim it to one. Shook off roughest half of his young career, to join Joel Embiid in carrying the team back from big deficit. Missed three-pointer with three seconds left, but as always, was fearless.

2. Joel Embiid: Team trailed by nine when he checked in with 11:16 left and by three when he was whistled for phantom foul, his fifth, with 3:35 left. Perry Ellis was only KU player who made contact on the play. During that 7:41 span, he totaled five points, four rebounds and had an assist on an amazing pass to Ellis in the lane. It came after Embiid caught the ball on the left block and executed a quick spin move to the baseline. Great peripheral vision enabled him to see Ellis. Not many players of any size could have seen that pass was there. Other highlights included one-hand dunk off lob and righting himself while apparently falling down, rising back up to hit a shot and draw a foul. Had 10 points, five rebounds and two turnovers in 12 minutes. Kansas way better team when he’s on the floor, so he’ll need to learn to cut down on fouls without losing aggressiveness that is one of many great qualities.

3. Perry Ellis: Missed shots he normally makes and didn’t have his most aggressive night on the boards.

4. Andrew Wiggins: Had some nice moves, but didn’t convert shots and repeatedly was guilty of traveling. Made just 4 of 7 free throws, had four turnovers and scored 10 points.

5. Wayne Selden: Had a rought night, scoring just two points and making 1 of 5 shots in 21 minutes. Best contribution came on a big blocked shot late in the game.

6. Naadir Tharpe: Let’s get right to the point: On a team with so many good scorers, he shoots too much. Most of his three-pointers look on the mark, but only one-third of them go in. Is not a great finisher. Had four assists but turned it over three times.

7. Tarik Black: Doesn’t have softest touch from down low, but hits the boards hard. Continues to foul too much with three in eight minutes. Contributed four points and three rebounds in brief time on the floor.

8. Andrew White III: Rough defensive night had more to do with him playing just nine minutes than going scoreless did. Had two steals and two rebounds, but also turned it over.

9. Landen Lucas: Foul trouble forced him into the game and he played five aggressive minutes and totaled one point, one rebound, one steal and one blocked shot.

10. Brannen Greene: Scored and was fouled but missed the free throw. Quick trigger on a three-pointer that missed limited his night to four minutes.

11. Jamari Traylor: One blocked shot, one rebound, one missed shot, one turnover, three personal fouls in eight minutes.

12. Conner Frankamp: Had two rebounds in two minutes.

Season standings

  1. Andrew Wiggins 58
  2. Joel Embiid 55
  3. Perry Ellis 54
  4. Frank Mason 50
  5. Wayne Selden Jr. 44
  6. Andrew White III 35
  7. Naadir Tharpe 31
  8. Tarik Black 27
  9. Jamari Traylor 20
  10. Conner Frankamp 15
  11. Brannen Greene 10
  12. Landen Lucas 11


Suzi Marshall 7 years, 3 months ago

Keegan, you are wrong with this ranking. Mason did NOT have a game worthy of the top ranking. The ball stuck in his hands and was 0 for 24 minutes in assists. A PG needs to make others around him better. As Self said last year, the only stat important to a PG is W's and L's. I love Mason's tenacity but he's got to learn what a PG does.

Embiid earned the top rank.

Scott Oswalt 7 years, 3 months ago

Mason was definitely the best player in the game for KU.

Andrew Dunlap 7 years, 3 months ago

They need to learn everything they can from this loss and move on. It can be a good loss

Colby Hebert 7 years, 2 months ago

I really thought Naadir had made big steps towards the end of last season and he would be a bigger factor this year. He is seventh in Keegan's season standings and he could be lower if Tarik Black was not fouling like crazy...

I would be tempted to start Mason soon unless Naadir gets it together. The season is still very young though. We need you Naadir!!

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