Sims' career day puts him atop list


1. James Sims: Had the two longest rushes of the season for KU and both came in the second quarter, the first for 62 yards, the second for a career-long 68-yard gain. He rushed for 211 yards and three touchdowns and averaged 9.6 yards a carry. Any KU football fan has to feel good for the guy reading this post-game quote from him: “It felt amazing looking up at the scoreboard and us on top and them down. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

2. Ben Goodman: Intercepted Paul Millard’s pass at the line of scrimmage and returned it 54 yards before being knocked out of bounds by Millard. Also had six solo tackles, two for losses, one a sack. He said it was the longest he ever carried a football in a game and he received great deal of ribbing from teammates and coaches for being caught from behind by a quarterback. He never enjoyed being mocked so much in his life.

3. Montell Cozart: Did a magnificent job of managing the game for a true freshman. Rushing the ball, he gained 69 yards and lost nine for a net of 60 on 13 carries. His presence did more to aid the rushing game than those numbers suggest. When he’s in the game, everybody else runs better because the defense has to account for him as a threat. He was in the game from start to finish and never turned it over.

4. JaCorey Shepherd: The ever-improving cornerback broke up three passes and had three tackles in another active day.

5. Ben Heeney: Intercepted a pass and returned it 28 yards to about the goal line. After the game, Charlie Weis said that once he saw the replay he wished he had challenged the play because he thought it looked as if Heeney scored. Heeney looked smooth weaving through traffic and it must have felt a bit like his days as a great running back for Hutchinson High.

6. Cassius Sendish: Led team with 11 tackles, 10 of the solo variety. Not flashy by the standards of defensive backs, he’s a solid football player and hits hard.

7. Riley Spencer: His return to health and insertion into the starting lineup at left tackle has given KU a more physical presence, especially in the running game.

8. Ngalu Fusimalohi: KU’s most physical blocker isn’t very athletic, but he’s mean and strong and had a nice day opening holes for Sims.

9. Gavin Howard: The center who has made at least one start at all five offensive-line positions has had a part in the team improving its running game late in the season.

10. Michael Reynolds: Contributed seven tackles, one for a loss, a pass break-up and a quarterback hurry.

Season Standings 1. James Sims (58 points)
2. Ben Heeney (54 points
3. Tony Pierson (41 points)
4. JaCorey Shepherd (40 points)
5. Keon Stowers (29 points)
6. Victor Simmons (28 points)
7. Darrian Miller (27 points)
8. Trevor Pardula (26 points)
9. Michael Reynolds (25 points)
10. Isaiah Johnson (21 points)
11. Cassius Sendish (16 points)
T12. Josh Ford (15 points)
T12. Jake Love (15 points)
T12. Rodriguez Coleman (15 points)
T15. Matthew Wyman (14 points)
T15. Dexter McDonald (14 points)
T15. Andrew Turzilli (14 points)
T18. Brandon Bourbon (13 points)
T18. Keba Agostinho (13 points)
T20. Connor Embree (12 points)
T20. Montell Cozart (12 points)
T22. Dexter Linton (9 points)
T22. Ben Goodman (9 points)
T24. Courtney Arnick (5 points)
T24. Jake Heaps (5 points)
T26. Jimmay Mundine (4 points)
T26. Kevin Young (4 points)
T26. Riley Spencer (4 points)
T29. Damon Martin (3 points)
T29. Ngalu Fusimalohi (3 points)
31. Gavin Howard (2 points)


Olli Rama 6 years, 3 months ago

The Heaps/Crist era is officially over!

I’m not blaming Heaps/Crist entirely for their shortcomings as Big 12 QBs. A lot of that goes to Weis and his notion of an NFL offense at KU. But here’s to a new era of KU football.


Dirk Medema 6 years, 3 months ago

T.J. Millweard

Millard is the WV QB.

and TJ is considered a pro-style QB. More in line with Dayne & Jake than Cozart.

Olli Rama 6 years, 3 months ago

He is much more mobile than either one of those guys. That said, I think Cozart has only touched on his potential and he wins the job next year.

Phil Leister 6 years, 3 months ago

At a school like KU, a pocket passer like Heaps/Crist just isn't going to cut it. We don't have the personnel surrounding the QB for it to work. I doubt that Heaps is a worse player than he was at BYU, and he set quite a few freshman passing records there. The difference is he had a competent offensive line protecting him.

A duel threat QB is exactly what KU needs.

Aaron Paisley 6 years, 3 months ago

Cassius Sendish is exactly what teams want when they recruit JuCo players. A guy who isn't a star , but he goes out and does his job well and makes minimal mistakes.

Jonathan Allison 6 years, 3 months ago

Honorable Mention to Ron Doherty.

I'd have lumped the O-line in this case to make room to give credit to a few more perfromers. I know that Keegan wanted to noticeably leave Sterling out because of the penalties, but give the man a break he has like two mistakes on pass plays, but he's out best run blocker.

I agree mostly with what other people are saying. Cozart was top 10 good, but not top 3 good. Heeney's pick and return were sweet and should have been a TD, but I was looking for him throughout the game and that's the only play that stuck out. I saw Love getting in the action a lot on Saturday.

Shephard should have had two picks.

All in all, we looked like the dominant team on Saturday for the first time all year, including noncon. We really should have blown those guys out. Hoping it turns into momentum

Jonathan Allison 6 years, 3 months ago

Oh yeah, and I like the new banner. No longer are we trending down!

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