Sophomores take top three spots against Iowa State


1. Tony Pierson: Ran down cornerback Jacques Washington, who had intercepted a two-point conversion pass, ran 55 yards for a touchdown and scored on a 37-yard reception.

2. Ben Heeney: He’s one tough tackler and had 13 more of them, eight of the solo variety.

3. Jimmay Mundine: Had three receptions for 63 yards, including a 35-yard gain.

4. James Sims: Streak of six consecutive 100-yard rushing games ended. He was limited to 81 yards on 20 carries and had a 16-yard reception.

5. D.J. Beshears: Had three rushes for 40 yards and returned two kicks for 60 yards. Beshears is 17 yards shy of breaking Marcus Herford’s career kick return school record.

6. Tanner Hawkinson: Helped to give the quarterbacks time to look for wide receivers, who for the most part either couldn’t get open or dropped accurate passes.

7. Duane Zlatnik: Threw a punishing block that helped Sims gain 16 yards on a screen pass.

8. Dayne Crist: If not for a few drops from receivers, including a couple from Chris Omigie on third down, he might have led the offense to better things.

9. Lubbock Smith: Always a hard-hitter, he had nine tackles.

10. Ben Goodman: Projects as a possible starter at defensive end at next season. He had five tackles.

The Keegan Ratings: Season Standings
T1. James Sims (65 points)
T1. Tony Pierson (65 points)
3. Ben Heeney (43 points)
4. Duane Zlatnik (38 points)
5. Tanner Hawkinson (36 points)
6. Bradley McDougald (30 points)
7. Kale Pick (26 points)
8. Toben Opurum (23 points)
T9. Taylor Cox (21 points)
T9. Greg Brown (21 points)
11. Tyler Patmon (15 points)
12. Trevor Marrongelli (14 points)
13. Jimmay Mundine (13 points)
14. John Williams (12 points)
T15. Josh Williams (11 points)
T15. Josh Ford (11 points)
T15. Michael Cummings (11 points)
T15. Lubbock Smith (11 points)
T19. Tunde Bakare (10 points)
T19. Jake Love (10 points)
T21. Andrew Turzilli (9 points)
T21. Ben Goodman (9 points)
23. Huldon Tharp (8 points)
T24. D.J. Beshears (6 points)
T24. Christian Matthews (6 points)
T24. Victor Simmons (6 points)
T27. Anthony McDonald (5 points)
T27. Keba Agostinho (5 points)
T29. Jordan Tavai (4 points)
T29. Ron Doherty (4 points)
T31. Brandon Bourbon (3 points)
T31. Dayne Crist (3 points)
T33. Chris Omigie (1 point)
T33. Schyler Miles (1 point)
T33. Kevin Young (1 point)
T33. Dylan Admire (1 point)


VaJay 6 years, 3 months ago

A request: In keeping with the direction i believe this team is taking, can we PLEASE have a graph that shows a line moving up instead of down?!

Dirk Medema 6 years, 3 months ago

It was climbing, but this last game was not a source of optimisim.

KGphoto 6 years, 3 months ago

And Dayne Cursed is on the board! Only one point behind the punter!

Dirk Medema 6 years, 3 months ago

Is Heeney the one still looking for his jock after being faked out of it in the open field by the "3rd string" QB?

Ryan Shelton 6 years, 3 months ago

I believe Heeney is the one being cursed by a few Cyclones for their headaches today.

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