Steven Johnson best player of 2011 season, according to ratings

1. Bradley McDougald: Streaked down the left sideline with a 57-yard interception return for a touchdown.

2. Tyler Patmon: Returned an interception 42 yards, broke up a pass and made four tackles.

3. Greg Brown: Returned an interception 20 yards. Also was burned for a 53-yard touchdown, but that came on a broken-coverage play.

4. Toben Opurum: Got into backfield to hurry quarterback James Franklin. Had a sack, a forced fumble and three tackles.

5. Tony Pierson: Picked up 33 yards rushing and 31 receiving yards. His role will expand in future years and he’ll become a very valuable player.

6. Steven Johnson: Had 10 solo tackles.

7. Christian Matthews: The offense looked best when Matthews was running it out of the wildcat formation. Completed his only pass for a 12-yard gain and rushed for 31 yards.

8. Isaac Wright: Moved well at linebacker and picked up six tackles.

9. Victor Simmons: True freshman safety contributed five solo tackles.

10. Keba Agostinho: Looked more active than usual and was credited with being in on five tackles.

The Keegan Ratings: Final Standings
1. Steven Johnson (55 points)
2. James Sims (47 points)
3. Tony Pierson (44 points)
T4. Jordan Webb (43 points)
T4. Toben Opurum (43 points)
6. Darrian Miller (40 points)
T7. D.J. Beshears (37 points)
T7. Bradley McDougald (37 points)
9. Keeston Terry (31 points)
10. Tim Biere (30 points)
11. Jeremiah Hatch (27 points)
T12. Tanner Hawkinson (22 points)
T12. Greg Brown (22 points)
T12. Tyler Patmon (22 points)
T15. Kale Pick (21 points)
T15. JaCorey Shepherd (21 points)
T17. Duane Zlatnik (16 points)
T17. Christian Matthews (16 points)
19. Darius Willis (15 points)
20. Brandon Bourbon (12 points)
21. Tunde Bakare (10 points)
22. Jeff Spikes (7 points)
23. Isaac Wright (6 points)
T24. Jimmay Mundine (5 points)
T24. Ron Doherty (5 points)
T26. Trevor Marrongelli (4 points)
T26. Nick Sizemore (4 points)
T26. A.J. Steward (4 points)
T29. Andrew Turzilli (3 points)
T29. Quinn Mecham (3 points)
T29. Victor Simmons (3 points)
32. Marquis Jackson (2 points)
T33. Daymond Patterson (1 point)
T33. Alex Mueller (1 point)
T33. Keba Agostinho (1 point)



hihawk 2 years, 4 months ago



KU_Alumn_2000 2 years, 4 months ago

Coach Gill partially shot himself in the foot by going with Webb this year. He's a terrible quarterback that really struggles with passing accuracy. He also struggles to make quick decisions on where the ball needs to go. That's a bad combination for a QB. Mecham is a much more accurate passer...and would of been the better choice.

Gill really shot himself in the foot by putting Webb back into the game yesterday after Mathews was moving the offense. Holy cow...I really think coach Gill is a good guy...but his incompetitence as a coach really showed yesterday.


jhox 2 years, 4 months ago

I don't know if the QB from Colorado is even on campus, and whether he will be eligible, but from the videos I've seen of him, he would be a perfect Mike Leach spread offense QB. Throw in Miller and Pierson, not to mention Shephard, and we have pretty solid skill position talent on offense. Leach would have something to build a nice offense from. HIre the right defensive coordinator and we could have a decent team next year. Not a great team, but a team that may be able to string together 6 wins and become bowl eligible.


JhawkalumJB 2 years, 4 months ago

JB awards 2011

POY and MVP- Steven Johnson

Offensive ROY- D. Miller

Future star award- B. McDougald

Multi-purpose POY- DJ Beshears

One game wonder award- J. Shepard

Speedster award- T. Pierson

He wasn't always this bad award- J. Webb

AD of year- SZ (Once he hires Leach and therefore directs KU football toward relevance and respectability. Resulting in optimism and hope of competing.)

I soooooooo want KU football to matter!!!! Just do it SZ!!!


JhawkalumJB 2 years, 4 months ago

J. Webb seemed to evolve in a negative way this year. He showed some promise at the start of the year. I actually thought that he looked pretty good a few times. As the year progressed and the competition improved he got worse. He locked onto one receiver regularly. He quit making check downs. Took sacks, threw picks. He just started to look bad overall. Yea the O-line didn't give him ample time, but we saw today what happens with a more athletic and mobile QB (Matthews), even with an over-matched O-line.

It seems obvious that the current coaching staff are simply not very good. Hopefully a change is made soon and optimism will return to KU football.


ahpersecoachingexperience 2 years, 4 months ago

Feel bad for Jordan. Clearly the problems of the coaching staff started to wear on him towards the end of the seasons. It's not his fault the entire world knew our run run pass playbook. And dealing with losing every week and the questions and criticism that came from it also took it's toll.


milehighhawk 2 years, 4 months ago

And our #17 player is all-conference quality (according to D. Lawrence) - but this speaks more to TK's rankings.


Marc Frey 2 years, 4 months ago

A fomer walkon wins the award and our QB is tied for 4th with a former running back turned DE. Tells a story about the talent we had this year.


riverdrifter 2 years, 4 months ago

Rearraging the deck furniture on the HMS Titanic. Skip it.


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