Dual threat Angus Quigley tops ratings


1. Angus Quigley: Ran hard for 69 yards on 14 carries and also contributed 56 yards on four receptions. 2. Richard Johnson: Had a career-high seven tackles, including one very powerful sack.

3. Tyler Patmon: Redshirt freshman impressed again, this time with four tackles and two pass-breakups.

4. Greg Brown: Had six solo tackles and forced a fumble.

5. Jeremiah Hatch: Strong blocking helped run game gain ground up the middle.

6. Jake Laptad: Had a sack for the second week in a row.

7. Steven Johnson: Contributed seven tackles and a pass breakup.

8. Sal Capra: Appeared to do a nice job of run-blocking.

9. James Sims: Statistics weren’t great (19 carries, 60 yards) and he did fumble, but he looked better than his numbers.

10. Quinn Mecham: Manged the game well, turning it over just once, and sparked the team with his energy.

The Keegan Ratings: Season Standings
1. D.J. Beshears (41 points)
T2. James Sims (33 points)
T2. Steven Johnson (33 points)
4. Daymond Patterson (31 points)
5. Justin Springer (30 points)
6. Johnathan Wilson (29 points)
T7. Angus Quigley (20 points)
T7. Chris Harris (20 points)
9. Jake Laptad (18 points)
10. Tim Biere (16 points)
T11. Olaitan Oguntodu (14 points)
T11. Tyler Patmon (14 points)
T13. Jordan Webb (13 points)
T13. Alonso Rojas (13 points)
15. Richard Johnson (12 points)
16. Bradley McDougald (11 points)
T17. Toben Opurum (10 points)
T17. Keeston Terry (10 points)
T17. Erick McGriff (10 points)
20. Jeremiah Hatch (9 points)
21. Lubbock Smith (8 points)
T22. Greg Brown (7 points)
T22. Phillip Strozier (7 points)
T24. Prinze Kande (4 points)
T24. Deshaun Sands (4 points)
T24. Isiah Barfield (4 points)
T24. Quintin Woods (4 points)
T28. Sal Capra (3 points)
T28. Chea Peterman (3 points)
T30. Ron Doherty (2 points)
T30. Tanner Hawkinson (2 points)
T30. Drew Dudley (2 points)
T33. Quinn Mecham (1 point)
T33. Duane Zlatnik (1 point)
T33. Todd “Leaper” Williams (1 point)


ahpersecoachingexperience 7 years, 6 months ago

whats more pathetic? we suspended our best player for a game or that one player was suspended for a game and is still rated highest

JayhawkRock 7 years, 6 months ago

Even though numbers may not have shown it, I thought Opurum played pretty well at DE.

Danimal 7 years, 6 months ago

I'm not sure they can move Opurum back to running back. I'd love it if they did, heck I'd love to see him taking a few reps per game on both sides of the ball. There has to be more with Toben than we're being told. I think the injuries he sustained in Austin last year may have had a permanent impact on his play. I can't believe they'd move a punishing running back who could catch out of the backfield to defense just because he's bigger than what they want and doesn't run a 4.4 in the 40.

I'm tired of football coaching staffs that give us the ol' "violation of team rules" BS. These coaches are all (partially) paid by the state, I think it's time for more transparency in the program. Are they trying to protect Beshears, or avoiding something that would almost certainly enrage their fans? I think you can make a solid case that if Beshears plays at Iowa State KU has a decent chance of winning. I hope for Gill's sake that Beshears did something worse than sending a late night text message.

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