Xavier Henry tops ratings for second straight game


1. Xavier Henry: If he’s gone after this season he certainly exited Allen Fieldhouse in style, scoring 15 of his team-high 19 points in the first half.

2. Markieff Morris: Had a terrific night in pretty much every respect. Made several great passes to go with 10 points and nine rebounds. Played physically in the paint as well.

3. Tyshawn Taylor: Solid effort in both halves. He played aggressively without ever getting out of control and finished with 11 points, four assists and two steals.

4. Sherron Collins: Too keyed up, he couldn’t buy a bucket for most of the first half and made just 1 of 9 shots before catching fire and helping to bury K-State in the second half. Scored 17 points.

5. Cole Aldrich: Couldn’t get much going in the first half but came alive in a big way in the second half, scoring seven of his nine points and picking up all three of his blocked shots after intermission.

6. Tyrel Reed: Hit a pair of big three-pointers and consistently made good decisions.

7. Brady Morningstar: Solid performance from the guard with the active hands.

8. Marcus Morris: Not his night, but he did make 5 of 6 free throws.

9. Thomas Robinson: Played one minute.

10. Elijah Johnson: Picked up two fouls in one minute.

11. Jeff Withey: Checked in with half a minute remaining.

The Keegan Ratings: Season Standings
1. Sherron Collins (232 points)
2. Cole Aldrich (228 points)
3. Marcus Morris (211 points)
4. Xavier Henry (198 points)
5. Tyshawn Taylor (162 points)
6. Markieff Morris (151 points)
7. Tyrel Reed (117 points)
8. Brady Morningstar (99 points)
9. Thomas Robinson (81 points)
10. Elijah Johnson (61 points)
11. Jeff Withey (25 points)
12. C.J. Henry (21 points)

The Keegan Ratings: Big 12 Standings
1. Sherron Collins (117 points)
2. Marcus Morris (114 points)
3. Cole Aldrich (110 points)
4. Xavier Henry (84 points)
T5. Tyshawn Taylor (75 points)
T5. Markieff Morris (75 points)
7. Brady Morningstar (73 points)
8. Tyrel Reed (58 points)
9. Thomas Robinson (25 points)
10. Jeff Withey (24 points)
11. Elijah Johnson (11 points)

First-place votes
Cole Aldrich 8
Marcus Morris 7
Sherron Collins 6
Xavier Henry 6
Markieff Morris 1
Elijah Johnson 1
Tyshawn Taylor 1

Notes: C.J. Henry, though he is a walk-on, will be included in the Keegan Ratings.


Drew Alan 9 years, 10 months ago

Great all around game from almost everybody who touched the floor. Nice to see Tyrel attempt 5 shots. We need guys not named Henry and Collins to shoot the ball, and Tyrel and Tyshawn got the memo.

KGphoto 9 years, 10 months ago

I'm gonna switch Tyshawn and Markieff based on the exceedingly rare but worthy "pretty" points. Taylor's dynamic swooshing drive and beautiful finish, stood out as the prettiest play I've seen all year. That was NBeAutiful.

It clocked a 2 on the scoreboard, I give it a 10.

Steve Brown 9 years, 10 months ago

Nothing quite like home cookin'

Taylor Markieff great game....we have too many weapons for any team to stop us.

X for your 1st visit to the antlers, turn off your cell phone friday night. glad MU does not wear orange. .

Studogg 9 years, 10 months ago

I really hope we don't play a team wearing orange in the tourney, lighthawk. It's like that color distracts us or something. Prolly just a coincidence, but still, I'd rather not have to take that chance!

Scott Smetana 9 years, 10 months ago

Great team effort. Seeing the Twins and TT improve this season is key! The twins are the most underrated players in the country. Nice job Self.
Clemente/Pullen were great practice for us to see how fast elite teams can drive. I thought we did a decent job... Pullen is a master at getting the foul.

KSU should try to find other ways of scoring besides free throws and 3 bombs from half-court.

Tony Bandle 9 years, 10 months ago

KSU is not the only team in the nation that lacks the intimidating presence of the "Man in the Middle" as Jacko used to sing. Syracuse has one, Kentucky has one, Baylor has one, Georgetown has one but Kansas has The One!!

Cole is almost like a forcefield that not only blocks and alters shots but, even more importantly, alters offensive flow. Mentally, the opponent starts to eliminate one avenue of scoring thus the remaining choices become more limited and easier to defend.

In a way, Condor is almost like a hockey goalie in shorts. [ he could probably use a mask!!:} ]

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