Depth at wide receiver thin under David Beaty


Kansas receiver Joshua Stanford (6) pulls in an end zone pass over teammate Kansas wide receiver Chase Harrell (3) during warmups prior to kickoff against Rutgers on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015 at High Point Solutions Stadium in Piscataway, New Jersey.

Kansas receiver Joshua Stanford (6) pulls in an end zone pass over teammate Kansas wide receiver Chase Harrell (3) during warmups prior to kickoff against Rutgers on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015 at High Point Solutions Stadium in Piscataway, New Jersey. by Nick Krug

The once-in-a-lifetime Air Raid show put on by Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans that Kansas head coach David Beaty witnessed as receivers coach for Kevin Sumlin at Texas A&M didn't in any way resemble the three years of offensive duds Beaty's teams have plodded through at Kansas.

A porous offensive line and constantly revolving quarterback door tend to share all the blame for the lousy showings. Wide receivers largely have escaped blame and that's probably not fair.

Aside from Steven Sims, KU hasn't developed a productive receiver during the Beaty years, at least not yet. Juniors Evan Fairs and Daylon Charlot have exciting potential, so that could change. So far, though, KU receivers have been worse than so-so.

Beaty used just one scholarship in the most recent recruiting class on a wide receiver and it went to juco Stephon Robinson. He's the 15th wide receiver to take a scholarship from Beaty. Eight went to high school players, four to four-year transfers (Charlot, La Quvionte Gonzalez, Quincy Perdue and Joshua Stanford) and two to jucos (Kerr Johnson and Robinson).

Five of the 15 receivers left the program with eligibility remaining: Gonzalez, Chase Harrell, Travis Jordan, Perdue and Stanford.

Robinson and redshirt freshman Takulve Williams are scheduled to make their KU debuts in the fall and Kenyon Tabor of Derby, perhaps the most talented receiver Beaty has recruited to KU, missed all last season with an injury and was not cleared to participate in spring football.

KU will need better performance from its receivers than it received a year ago.

Sure, better blocking would give quarterbacks more time to find open receivers, but the pass-catchers could help matters by getting open more quickly. Given Beaty's background coaching receivers and the emphasis he puts on the position during recruiting, this figured to be an area of strength, but it hasn't turned out that way. Even when receivers broke open in 2017, they dropped far too many balls.

Of the 15 receivers given scholarships, only two have had a 300-yard receiving season. Steven Sims has had three of them, Fairs one.

A look at 300-yard receiving seasons during Beaty's tenure as head coach:

Receiver Year Rec Yards YPC TD
Steven Sims 2016
859 11.9 7
Steven Sims 2017 59 839 14.2 6
LaQuvionte Gonzalez 2016 62 729 11.8 3
Tre' Parmalee 2015 41 599 14.6 3
Steven Sims 2015 30 349 11.6 2
Evan Fairs 2017 24 335 14.0 1
Shakiem Barbel 2016 34 323 9.5 0
Blue: Beaty recruit
Red: Weis recruit Yellow: Beaty recruit
transferred out


John Fitzgerald 9 months, 1 week ago

I think Charlot and/or Evans could breakout this year. But after them it's a pretty big question mark on the depth chart. Booker has shown flashes but again not consistent. I guess we'll find out in a few months.

[''] 9 months, 1 week ago

Don't count on it. But it's not these poor kids' faults. They are hamstrung by the ineffectiveness of these coaches to put them in a position to succeed. Jerry Rice & Lynn Swann would have floundered under these clowns.

Bryson Stricker 9 months, 1 week ago


Doug Meacham, Jesse Williams, Tony Hull, Michael Slater, Todd Bradford all suck at developing people? You're right. LOL

I didn't mention Bowen, Beaty and Perry because you anti-Beaty crowd like to believe they absolutely suck.

[''] 9 months, 1 week ago

No - you should have mentioned ALL of the coaches. Because they aren't developing anyone. But this was in reference to offensive coaches like, yes, Meacham, Beaty and others not developing receivers worth a squat.

Bryson Stricker 9 months, 1 week ago

Meacham sucks at developing players. Thats one i've never heard before LOL.

[''] 9 months, 1 week ago

OK BryBry - pray tell...start naming players he has developed who are worth a squat. Realizing this will be a microscopically short answer....

Brett McCabe 9 months, 1 week ago

Sims has been fun to watch. Electric at times, but not 100% consistent. I think we all had high hopes for Chase, and that is one transfer you cannot lay at Beaty's feet. Personal tragedies create all kinds of fall-out, though it's good Chase seems to be on the rebound.

To Tom's point, if you wee to look at Beaty coming in, you would think the two things he would get right would be QB and WR, simply based on his experience as a position coach, and his focus on Air Raid. Like Zenger, though, the things he's been hired to do: recruit Texas, create an exciting offense, etc., etc. are exactly the things he's failed at.

Tough to predict what's going to happen this year. If the new AD fires Beaty before the season, you might get a charged-up football team, and you couldn't get a worse head coach. There is no downside to making that move - only upside. A free mind leading the program might be able to get more out of the WR position, settle on a QB and develop a way to at least be competitive this year.

Bryson Stricker 9 months, 1 week ago

Who would you hire if you were an AD hired at end of July 2018?

I sure hope you don't work in the business industry lmfao.

Brett McCabe 9 months, 1 week ago

Ummmm, interim head coach while you do the search. Not that complicated.

Bryson, seriously, if everything has to be spelled out for you, I'll try to do so in future posts.

Bryson Stricker 9 months, 1 week ago

Brett, seriously, your posts keep getting dumber and dumber.

These players and coaches want to play for David Beaty. These parents are sending their kids to play for David Beaty. Multiple parents have gone on record for players that are an important part of this program saying they would pull their kid out if/when David Beaty is fired.

This team will not benefit from David Beaty being fired before the season. You just hate the guy and think you know anything about CFB. Interim's are not meant to coach the whole season and only one guy on our staff is anywhat capable of being a HC right now and that is Doug Meacham. Doug Meacham does not want that responsibility yet otherwise he would have taken the offers that came to him.

Stop being an idiot.

Dane Pratt 9 months, 1 week ago

Brett, you would like to hand over the reins to Clint Bowen for the 2018 season?

John Brazelton 9 months, 1 week ago

If KU's offense this season consists of a better running game, receivers will perhaps be used to pick up first downs on third down plays rather than calling three failed pass plays in a row. A 50-50 mix of pass and running plays will both take pressure off the offensive line and receivers and promote use of the team's running backs which during several games last season was a team strength. A renewed offense this season will string together a number of first downs to consistently make it across the 50 yard line and avoid last season's large number of three and outs. A renewed defense will use experienced defensive backs to avoid giving up continual big pass plays to the opponent and instead create fumbles and interceptions to put the offense back on the field quickly. A renewed special teams play will avoid giving up the breakdowns that led to opponent touchdowns and instead give us good field positions on both kick-offs and punt returns. Hopefully, KU will have a bunch of senior and juniors players this season who are tired of losing and are willing to produce on-the-field in all areas.

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