Udoka reaches, surpasses century mark in dunks vs. Texas


Kansas center Udoka Azubuike (35) hammers in a dunk before Texas forward Jericho Sims (20) during the first half on Monday, Feb. 26, 2018 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas center Udoka Azubuike (35) hammers in a dunk before Texas forward Jericho Sims (20) during the first half on Monday, Feb. 26, 2018 at Allen Fieldhouse. by Nick Krug

Nobody stopped the game to announce Udoka Azubuike’s feat. Nobody gave him a broken-rim trophy to commemorate the moment. But when Senior Night starter Clay Young fed the ball to the sophomore center and he slammed it home with 18:44 left in the first half of Monday’s game against Texas, it was Azubuike’s 100th dunk of the season.

Dunks and three other categories are tracked by Kansas under the heading, “miscellaneous stats.”

Azubuike didn’t stop there, picking up six dunks in the final game in Allen Fieldhouse this season.

A look at KU’s miscellaneous stats with one game remaining.

PlayerFloor Burns
DunksCharges Drawn
Last 5:00 reg.
and overtime
Marcus Garrett
12105-8 (.625)
Lagerald Vick
252605-11 (.455)
Sam Cunliffe
1200-0 (.000)
Devonte' Graham
401545-58 (.776)
Svi Mykhailiuk
15-17 (.882)
Chris Teahan
1002-2 (1.000)
Malik Newman
026-35 (.743)
Clay Young
1010-0 (.000)
Silvio De Sousa
1100-0 (.000)
Udoka Azubuike
3110505-19 (.263)
Mitch Lightfoot
2513132-2 (1.000)
Totals17417024105-152 (.691)
Opponents114591866-95 (.695)


Doug Merrill 1 year ago

Very fun collection of stats, Tom. I am surprised the team did as well as it did in the FT/FTA column, it always felt worse - but maybe because some number of those were the front end of one and ones that never happened. However, I take note that the other teams had the same problem, almost exactly (except we had 50% more chances - "drive downhill"!

Of course it is great to see us with 53% more floor burns - a significant factor in the success of a team that had trouble giving up offensive rebounds.

thanks for keeping track of these!

Tom Keegan 1 year ago

Actually, Doug, the Kansas statisticians keep track of it. I just printed their calculations. A big factor in KU shooting more free thorws late is the opponent generally is trailing and trying to catch up. Udoka leads the nation in dunks, according to Ken Pomeroy writing for The Athletic. Pomeroy pointed out that UMKC has just four dunks as a team.

Joe Joseph 1 year ago

Any idea where Udoka's total for dunks ranks all time? Or in recent history?

John Brazelton 1 year ago

With exception of Vick, the team seems to be peaking at the right time.

Dave Miller 1 year ago

@Tom Keegan -- It would be nice to see this again after the season is finally over. Thanks for making this available to us!

Mike Auer 1 year ago

It would definitely be interesting to see what the single season and career standings are for dunks. That list is mentioned all of time for three pointers but not dunks which seems just as significant. I guess it is there are not bunches of players that put up bunches dunks in a season.

Until we get the answers how about some wild speculation. I will venture the first easy guess that Wilt is right at the top although I am not sure how many times he may have just dropped the ball through the basket as opposed to dunking it.

Shannon Gustafson 1 year ago

While I'd love to see some historical perspective with these stats as well, I'll venture to guess that these particular stats were not logged in the Wilt era. Pretty sure they are a Bill Self stat request, not something that is "normal" to keep track of.

Steve Zimmerman 1 year ago

Great stats, thanks for sharing Tom! Wow, Dok's FB# is eye-opening considering his size. That's really one tough dude! I wonder what staff has to say to Mitch after looking at this stat. I would give him more pressure to go up stronger. This guy needs to practice catching passes. He seems to be not in full-alert mode most of the time when a pass/lob is intended to him. Defensively, he's very alert, though.

Dirk Medema 1 year ago

Not sure where your crit of Mitch is coming from. This just affirms all the more how much he's developing and contributing in the non-box score ways. His per minute stats must be ridic.

Justin Kruse 1 year ago

Amazing stat! I love his attitude of dunking whenever he can. He’s got great footwork down low.

Heading into post season play, I feel like Dok needs to be the focus of our offense. I don’t think he’s been fed the ball as much as he should have been. No one can stop him down there other than himself! I know he’s sidelined himself this year with foul trouble but he should be putting up 20+ a night. Feed the big guy! And, he’s a great passer from the post.

Last thought... Marcus knows how to attack the zone from the stripe. Super excited about that kid!

Steve Zimmerman 1 year ago

Marcus is developing that 'attack the basket' instinct and bball IQ to feed Dok when he's being doubled - a rare scene by our guys (other than 'Tae or Svi thus far) knowing how to react; a lot of times we see ball being kicked out or passed through weaving guards. I really like Marcus' progress seen through his past few games. He will be a great contributor once he figures all out. With his quickness, dribbling skill, this guy can dunk his way out while penetrating inside. Mark my words. Marcus is our sleeping Siberian Tiger.

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