Cyclones blow away Jayhawks in football attendance this decade


Kansas running back De'Andre Mann (23) is chased by Iowa State defensive lineman Demond Tucker (97) during the third quarter on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015 at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, Iowa.

Kansas running back De'Andre Mann (23) is chased by Iowa State defensive lineman Demond Tucker (97) during the third quarter on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015 at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, Iowa. by Nick Krug

Jack Trice Stadium, home of the Iowa State Cyclones, expanded from 46,721 to 55,000 in 2007 and in 2015 expanded to 61,500. The Cyclones sold out their first two games of the season, so the expansion isn't going to waste.

Memorial Stadium's listed capacity is 50,071. Since KU hasn't drawn a crowd that big since 2009, we won't hold the Cyclones' capacity advantage against them in comparing crowd sizes for this decade between the schools.

Both schools have had 49 home games so far this decade.

Iowa State has drawn 2,605,352 spectators, an average of 53,170. Kansas has drawn 1,736,83, an average of 35,446.

A year-by-year look at attendance for the two Big 12 schools this decade:

Year/School Games
Total attendance
Average attendance
7 317,767 45,395
2010/KU 7 313,955 44,851
6 321,880 53,647
2011/KU 6 253,698 42,283
2012/ISU 7 386,917 55,274
2012/KU 6 247,971 41,329
2013/ISU 6 332,165 55,361
2013/KU 7 265,187 37,884
2014/ISU 7
2014/KU 6 204,462 34,077
2015/ISU 6 339,113 56,519
2015/KU 7 190,972 27,282
2016/ISU 7
367,899 52,557
2016/KU 6 154,969 25,828
2017/ISU 3 174,234 58,078
2017/KU 4 105,616 26,404
ISU Total 49 2,605,352 53,170
KU Total
49 1,736,830 35,446


Daniel Kennamore 10 months, 1 week ago

It's amazing how much having a respectable team can do to your attendance numbers.

They have 37 wins during that time period, compared to our 11.

Sure, they may not be a bowl team most years but at least they look like they belong in the Big 12 in most games.

Marcia Parsons 10 months, 1 week ago

While that's true, it seems they wholly support their teams even when they're losing. That's something I wish we did at KU. It's a lot harder, I realize, but probably way more important to a struggling team.

Jack Hoover 10 months ago

AND, Our Men's BB attendance while less than KU's is close and if you add the women's numbers to the total I am sure we are way ahead of you in total Basketball attendance. How's that working for ya? ISU has (are you ready, more loyal fans) than Kansas. Ask the vendors at "Hilton South!"

Joe Ross 10 months ago

No doubt, Daniel.

Iowa State is not a cellar dwellar in the same historic manner that Kansas is. You have to give the fans something to root for. You can't flog them for disinterest, lack of attendance, etc. if showing up to football games means watching the team set futility records. People don't cheer for that.

Doug Cramer 10 months, 1 week ago

Clint Bowen's Units as a Defensive Coordinator: Source ESPN:

  1. 2017: ranked 127 (Kansas)
  2. 2016: ranked 113 (Kansas)
  3. 2015: ranked 128 (Kansas)
  4. 2014: ranked 106 (Kansas) <---Why did we promote him again ?
  5. 2011: ranked 94 (North Texas U)
  6. 2010: ranked 99 (Western Kentucky)
  7. 2009: ranked 85 (Kansas) <---Remember how bad the D-line was ?
  8. 2008: ranked 87 (Kansas) <--Major liability to a returning Orange Bowl Team.

Whats the common denominator ? At some point you have to make a business decision, which also corresponds to a performance decision. Some people say the definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result". Gah I miss Mangino.

John Fitzgerald 10 months, 1 week ago

Our attendance is embarrassing... And the depressing thing is I'm a season ticket holder and have attended every home game during this horrendous slide. I've considered not renewing them but I love KU Football too much.

Also, how is it that a D-1 team in UAB can cancel their football program for two years (2015-2016) and still win 3 games this year, the same amount of games Beaty has won in 2.5 years? When was the last time we even won 3 games in a season?

Doug Fogleman 10 months, 1 week ago

I've been to every home game, starting back in 2006. There is no way our attendance average is near that in 2017. That maybe tickets sold, but not in attendance. That would mean that one out of every two seats are occupied. The stadium is empty, I bet at the start of the Tech game there was less than 12,000 people inside the stadium.

Brett McCabe 10 months, 1 week ago

I also think we got a bump in ticket sales due to TTU being homecoming. By the end of the year, no matter what the official numbers are, we will all be witnessing the worst-attended football program at KU in probably 40 years.

Danny Hernandez 10 months, 1 week ago

what's the point of this article? Like Kansas fan's can't see the empty seats in photos that are posted?

Get a great product on the field and they will come

Brian Skelly 10 months, 1 week ago

Considering how much revenue our Athletic Department generates -- which is top tier -- it's staggering how little of that comes from football.    KU friends and I have commented often that if KU's football program was at least mediocre -- and would draw at least decent crowds and go to a bowl game every so often -- it'd be hard not to envision us a top revenue in all of D-I.   We're in the top quarter already.    We'd be 10%ers if we could have anything but an dumpster fire of a football program.
That next football HC job, can't be hired by Zenger either.    Most ADs dont get more than one football HC hire, much less 2 -- and the next one would be 3.    Sorry, that cannot happen.    Past performance and decisions dictates that.
Folks get on Cramer about Bowen,  but he's not wrong about it.    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again expecting something different.   
Regardless of folks feelings, you cant argue change isnt necessary.   AD, HC or whatever.

Robert Brock 10 months, 1 week ago

Nothing good will happen to KU football until the school hires a competent Athletics Director. Sheahon Zenger must leave ASAP.

Austin Lopez 10 months, 1 week ago

Smh My local Buffalo Bulls average around that much in attendance this year! Beaty fire Clint Bowen or pack your bags! Before we know it attendance will drop to a all time love of below 20,000.

Austin Bergstrom 10 months ago

K State is a home game this year. Should help out the numbers.

Len Shaffer 10 months ago

True, and it's always wonderful when over half the fans are rooting for the road team. I remember those bad old days against Nebraska when 2/3rds of the stadium was red ...

John Brazelton 10 months ago

Changing football coaches every three years is not the answer either. The new HC comes in and all previous assistants are gone. He then kicks 6 to 10 players off the team to prove how tough he is compared to the previous coach. Six to 10 players decide on their own to leave for various reasons. That means that you've lost one complete recruiting class. The new HC has to either play freshmen or recruit JUCOs to fill gaps in his roster. We've just gone through 5 seasons of recruiting (Weis and Beaty). Everyone today expects immediate results. If KU administrators hadn't waited on previous coaches, we would have had no Don Fambrough, Glen Mason or Mark Mangino.

Bryan Mohr 10 months ago

Comparing Beaty to Mason or Mangino doesn't equate. Mason and Mangino were given time because they demonstrated progress in their first 3 seasons. Beaty hasn't done that. Changing coaches every 3 seasons is the answer when bad coaches continued to be hired. I do agree that changing coaches every 3 seasons should not be the answer. Unfortunately, Perkins and Zenger have put KU in that position.

Look at the records for first 3 seasons.

Mason: 8-24-1 Mangino: 12-24 Beaty: 3-33 (or maybe 4-32)

And I'd even be willing to cut Beaty some slack if the team was at least competitive in their losses. KU was beaten soundly by 2 MAC schools in Beaty's 3rd season. No signs of progress. No data suggesting more time for Beaty is a good idea.

If Zenger would have hired a former head coach with a proven track record then giving more time would seem reasonable. He didn't do that. There is simply nothing to suggest that Beaty will turn things around given more time. Yes, it is possible. But it would be a bad bet to make. It would be a better bet to hire a new coach with a proven history of success as a head coach.

Neither Beaty, nor Weis, nor Gill had resumes showing excellence as a head coach. If this KU rebuild is going to take 5 years or more, then it is imperative to hire a coach that everyone can have patient confidence in based on a history of head coaching success.

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