Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley won't start Baker Mayfield vs. West Virginia


The sixth-grade Hurricanes and Cougars shake hands before the coin toss. The Hurricanes got the ball first Oct. 9 at Youth Sports Inc.

The sixth-grade Hurricanes and Cougars shake hands before the coin toss. The Hurricanes got the ball first Oct. 9 at Youth Sports Inc. by natalie-flanzer

Baker Mayfield will not start and for a game not serve as team captain in Oklahoma’s regular-season finale vs. West Virginia on Saturday, Sooners coach Lincoln Riley announced at his Monday press conference.

The punishment stems from him twice grabbing his crotch and sending F-bombs across the field at the Kansas sideline.

Kyler Murray, who in a 41-3 victory over Kansas averaged 11 yards on three rushes and completed 3 of 5 passes for 55 yards, will start in place of Mayfield.

“This program has very high standards and when they’re met, there are going to be consequences,” Riley said.

When talking about the qualities he finds special in Mayfield and how proud he is to coach him, Riley grew teary-eyed and needed to take a 30-second break from talking to compose himself.

Kansas coach David Beaty holds his weekly presser on Tuesdays. It will be interesting to see how he answers questions about whether his three captains will be disciplined in any way for not shaking Mayfield’s extended right hand during the pre-game coin toss.

Beaty did not appear overly concerned about the snub after the game, but during Monday’s Big 12 conference call the third-year coach (3-32 overall, 1-31 vs FBS schools) apologized on behalf of his team and shared that he believes Dorance Armstrong, Joe Dineen and Daniel Wise “care deeply” about representing KU and the football program in a “classy” manner and that they’re “great men” who made a mistake.


[''] 11 months ago

THIS is how a classy coach handles things. Beaty could learn A LOT from Riley.

Michael Bowden 11 months ago

My thoughts exactly! Yesterday after the game Mayfield apologized was it a real apology probably not but Riley still held his player accountable for his actions.

Dale Rogers 11 months ago

If you look at Mayfield's previous public apology, this one is almost verbatim. I saw nothing sincere about this apology.

Dale Rogers 11 months ago

Whoopdeedoo, he won't start and won't be the captain. BUT, he probably will play after sitting out a couple of minutes. He's not even suspended for the entire game. He just "won't start." That barely ranks as a slap on the wrist. If you want to fault a coach, Lincoln Riley is a prime candidate. His kid grabs his crotch and curses at fans multiple times and he won't be able to start one game but he'll get to play after the game starts. NO WAY is this "how a classy coach handles things." No way.

Geoffrey Alonso 11 months ago

In all fairness, KU has been the least offensive thing in most all games this year.

John Fitzgerald 11 months ago

Love the picture, Tom. Thought it was our guys for a second.

Brett McCabe 11 months ago

My son grew up playing hockey. No matter how physical, how competitive, how chippy or how brilliantly the game was played, it was always followed by a simple sign of respect.

Tom Keegan 11 months ago

Not sure, but I think that might be Charley Bowen on left. He played for Glen Mason and is Clint's older brother.

Kevin Boone 11 months ago

I live down here in Oklahoma, and watched the game with family and friends. It was embarrassing to see a 1-9 (at the time) team try to disrespect an opponent like that. Let alone the Heisman favorite. Not classy at all, BUT Mayfield brings a lot of that on himself. He is a loud-mouthed hot head. It was hard listening to all my Sooner friends defend his actions. There's something to be said about winning with class, and he knows nothing of it. He is so talented, he doesn't need to do all that stuff. Yelling at fans, cursing players and rival coaches, planting flags at midfield, running from cops....and then a cement barricade, etc. But when you are 1-9, and losing by an average of 30+ points per game, you might just want to shake hands and take your butt whoopin' like a big boy. No reason to try to show anyone up. But there is a piece of me that kind of liked it!!

Dale Rogers 11 months ago

Right on. Both sides were at fault and both should be held accountable. Seriously accountable, like at least one full game suspension. Thanks for your comments. In my opinion you hit the head right on.

Jack Hoff 11 months ago

This whole thing is blown so far out of proportion lol.

David A. Smith 11 months ago

I know that not shaking hands is wrong, but I was kind of glad to see some fire against a team like OU. I guess I'll try to become a grown up now too. It's still a guilty pleasure.

How would the rest of the world act in their shoes? They're very frustrated. I've seen some fans say and do worse this year out of their frustration.

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