Numbers say Kansas weakest of 65 power-five football schools


Several Baylor players celebrate over Kansas quarterback Carter Stanley (9) after sacking him during the fourth quarter on Saturday, Sept. 4, 2017 at Memorial Stadium.

Several Baylor players celebrate over Kansas quarterback Carter Stanley (9) after sacking him during the fourth quarter on Saturday, Sept. 4, 2017 at Memorial Stadium. by Nick Krug

Now that Kansas routinely is referred to as the worst of the 65 power-five football conference schools (a designation that includes independent Notre Dame), it's time to see if the numbers support the label.

It boiled down to a two-school race with Kansas edging Oregon State, thanks to the Beavers having strong back-to-back weeks in the first two games under interim coach Cory Hall, who lost 36-33 to Colorado in his first game and 15-14 to Stanford in his second. Hall took over after one of the more stunning moves by a coach in recent memory. Gary Andersen quit with a 1-5 record and in doing so walked away from a guaranteed $12.6 million.

After checking the margin between points scored and points allowed for the 65 schools, I ranked the 10 worst in that category and also tracked how many times each school has been on the wrong end of a blowout, which we'll call any loss by 38 or more points.

Illinois checks in at No. 3 and Baylor, which defeated Kansas 38-9 two weeks ago in Lawrence, is No. 4.

Just those four schools had negative margins of more than 100 points. A look at the 10 worst programs, ranked in order of margin between points scored and allowed, with conference record breaking ties:

Rec/Conf PF PA Margin Blowouts
Coach (Record)
1 - Kansas
(1-10, 0-8)
207 463 -256
David Beaty (3-32)
2 - Oregon State
(1-10, 0-8)
238 447 -209 0 Cory Hall (0-5) interim
3 - Illinois
(2-9, 0-8)
178 336 -158 1 Lovie Smith (5-18)
4 - Baylor
(1-10, 1-7)
270 386 -116 1
Matt Rhule (1-10)
5 - Vanderbilt
(4-7, 0-7)
253 352 -99 1 Derek Mason (17-31)
6 - Tennessee
(4-7, 0-7)
214 307 -93
2 Brady Hoke (0-1) interim
7 - Maryland
(4-7, 2-5)
D.J. Durkin (10-14)
8 - Rutgers
(4-7, 3-5)
209 300 -91 2 Chris Ash (6-17)
9 - Arkansas
(4-7, 1-6)
300 386 -86 0 Bret Bielema (29-33)
10 - Nebraska
(4-7, 3-5)
295 381 -86 1 Mike Riley (19-18)


David Kemp 11 months ago

At least Beaty will finish the season being #1 at something. Also glad to see he moved up the Hot Seat rankings.

Whitney Tangeman 11 months ago

As icing on the cake, DB’s two former collegiate bosses David Bailiff and Kevin Sumlin are right behind him on the Coach’s Hotseat list. I’m no expert, but that connection shows that (aside from Mangino) he hasn’t had experience working under someone who meticulously rebuilds downtrodden programs by developing attainable players. Nice guy and could be successful somewhere else, but he was/is the wrong hire for rebuilding KU football at this time. The sooner Girod admits to that, the better.

John Fitzgerald 11 months ago

I'm curious to know some odds and ins stats that relate to the teams preparedness during games. As in, how often do we use our timeouts earlier than they should be used, how many penalties do we average per game, and how many 3 and out drives we've had on the first drive of the game and on the first drive coming out of the half. And then compare these to other teams like the ones on the above list. I think these will reflect even more on how poorly this team is being prepared for each game.

Andy Tweedy 11 months ago

I didn't need to see the numbers to know we suck...

Len Shaffer 11 months ago

Why just limit it to Power-5 conferences? I'm sure we're well down on the list of the "lesser" conferences as well ...

Adam Bengtson 11 months ago

Just wait until next year.....those numbers will get better.....

Bj Cassady 11 months ago

The longest losing road streak in school history, heck in FBS history. The worst team in power 65 teams. The worst team in the Big 12. Way to go AD. Time to wake up and smell the Sh*t. It is everywhere, starting at the AD's office and the trickle down theory takes over from there. This is beyond sad.

Robert Brock 11 months ago

This would not be happening if Sheahon Zenger was still alive.

John Brazelton 11 months ago

Another Tom Keegan "hit" piece. When will you realize Tom, that you have no power to change anything? You are simply drawing the same tired eyeballs to your articles every week and making very few converts, if any.

David Kemp 11 months ago

He as a journalist is merely reporting the facts! And you are all about the facts.

Jack Hoff 11 months ago

Interesting Bret Bielema is on this list and I’ve seen folks on here asking for him to be Beaty’s replacement. Shows how much fans think they know. Otherwise what was the purpose of this article rather than to stir up an already pissy fan base

Richard Duran 11 months ago

Well at least the Cornholers suck too!

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