Five-star receiver Devonta Jason remains committed to Kansas and will visit other schools


Kansas running backs coach Tony Hull watches over his players during practice on Thursday, April 6, 2017.

Kansas running backs coach Tony Hull watches over his players during practice on Thursday, April 6, 2017. by Nick Krug

Never mind that two of the top 20 players in the NFL, per Pro Football Focus’ grading of every snap of the 2016 season, played at Kansas, when a five-star recruit is wooed by the nation’s perennial powerhouses and commits to Kansas reporters are going to keep asking him if he’s still committed to Kansas.

Gabe Brooks of interviewed Kansas verbal commit Devonta Jason at "Pylong 7v7 Nationals" earlier this week and Jason reiterated he remains committed to Kansas. The first sentence was as discouraging for KU fans as the rest of what he had to say was encouraging.

“I’m committed because I’ve already decommitted one time, and I don’t wanna be a two-time decommit,” Jason said.

Then he talked about what led to him choosing Kansas: “It’s a great atmosphere. Coach Tony Hull, he’s from the city. I played against him in high school my freshman year. . . . Coach (David) Beaty, coach (Doug) Meacham, all the coaches overall are just great people and great to be around.”

Then the next quotes from Jason weren’t quite as encouraging: “I’m still locked in with Kansas, but still an open mind to stay open to the process. I don’t have my official (visit) plans yet, but it’s coming soon.”


John Fitzgerald 12 months ago

I'd say there's a 1% chance we hang onto Jason. And if we don't keep him I'm confident we'll be just fine.

Andy Hess 12 months ago

this commitment business is ridiculous. "i'm committed but i'm visiting other schools." sounds like he's not committed at all.

Phil Leister 12 months ago

I've thought all along there's a slim chance we hang onto this guy. I don't understand what value there is for a kid to "commit" to a school. It's nonbinding, which is entirely appropriate, but if and when a kid decides where he wants to go to school, why keep looking? Don't commit if you are't ready to commit. We should come up with a different word for it because "commit" has a pretty clear definition.

I'm not faulting him for exploring all his options, not at all. I'm just confused why someone commits before making a decision.

Dale Rogers 12 months ago

This young man already has the attention of the media. If he says at Kansas, every good game he has will be news on the national front. And if he helps Kansas get things turned around he will be pointed to as one of the major reasons why. He could not only be a star in a power 5 conference, he also could be seen as a kind of pioneer, showing other youngsters how they, too, could get major attention at the same time. This guy could be a difference maker for us. I sure hope he sticks around.

John Fitzgerald 12 months ago

Also, I meant to mention this in my above post, but I believe any player that commits to a school must sign a letter of intent the moment they commit. It seems to be very inconvenient for coaches to recruit a guy, get a solid verbal, and then he changes his mind. There needs to be something that binds these players to these "verbal commitments."

Phil Leister 12 months ago

I'll disagree with you wholeheartedly. The last thing we need to do is bind a 16-18 year old kid to something like that. They get bound to the school on the day they sign their letter of intent, which doesn't happen when he verbally commits.

John Fitzgerald 12 months ago

I wholeheartedly disagree with you. They're adults, and they have parents/guardians who are also adults. Also, if they have to sign a letter of intent before committing they'll take it more seriously without misleading anyone in the process. And finally, this teaches them about loyalty, decision making, and proper analysis when making decisions in life.

Chris DeWeese 12 months ago

The way Jason is talking, I'm less confident he'll stick around. Too bad, because as Dale stated above, he could garner more attention and adulation at KU. There would be an even better chance he gets lost in the shuffle at LSU or the like. That doesn't mean he wouldn't perform well or even excel in the SEC. I just think his impact would be more immediately felt at KU (and more special).

John Brazelton 12 months ago

Wins and loses this season will probably determine if we can sign any of Coach Hull's early commitments. It was a nice talking point for this season's recruiting class and a nice promotion for Coach Hull if nothing else.

Ryan Zimmerman 11 months, 4 weeks ago

I love this school, but if he's still visiting schools, especially some of the big ones and flashy ones it'll be hard for a young man to pass up on an elite program. Those coaches have the history, success, championships, etc. It wouldn't take much for a coach to put the fear of playing in a lesser school/program and risking your future when you can play for a nationally televised, etc school and have great exposure.

Pius Waldman 11 months, 4 weeks ago

Yes we all make decisions and then change them later. Committing doesn't stop schools from recruiting so if he is still visiting don't count on him not changing especially a 5 star guy.

Dustin Peterson 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Because a verbal commitment is non-binding, it's entirely possible this kid and the coaches made a deal that if he committed to KU early, he would be free to go where he belongs later, if he wishes. Having a 5-star skill player in the recruiting class raises the profile, and may draw in a handful of 4-star guys. While I have no doubt that this kid is worth his ranking, three 4-star guys would be far more valuable than one 5-star.

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