Kansas not singing same old tune in recruiting


Kansas football head coach David Beaty gives the rundown on his incoming players during a Signing Day news conference at Mrkonic Auditorium in the Anderson Family Football Complex.

Kansas football head coach David Beaty gives the rundown on his incoming players during a Signing Day news conference at Mrkonic Auditorium in the Anderson Family Football Complex. by Nick Krug

Verbal commitments from five high school prospects from Louisiana, including a five-star and a four-star, form the heart of a Kansas football recruiting Class of 2018 that has soared to No. 12 nationally in the recruiting rankings.

The Louisiana recruits understandably have generated so much excitement that another commitment that in typical KU recruiting seasons would have been cause for celebration has slipped under the radar.

In the wake of the flurry of Louisiana commitments, KU received a verbal pledge from a three-star Texas quarterback who has thrived against tough competition.

Clayton Tune of Hebron High in Carrollton, Texas, is a 6-foot-2, 195-pound dual-threat quarterback who had been offered a scholarship from Houston. He suffered a knee injury at the end of last season.

Nick Krueger, Texas recruiting analyst for Rivals, liked what he saw from Tune and narrates his highlight video.

Krueger called him “a flat-out effective runner,” and praised his passing ability: “I really like his delivery, how he’s able to fit hard throws into tight windows, and obviously his ability to extend plays.”

Even if his knee injury prevents Tune from playing a full season or at full strength as a senior, Kansas can be patient with his development because the QB position appears to be stabilizing. Peyton Bender has two years of remaining eligibility, Carter Stanley three and Tyriek Starks four.

In addition to Tune, the lone quarterback, KU has received pledges from three defensive tackles, three defensive ends, two defensive backs, two wide receivers, a running back and an offensive lineman.

It’s not unusual for elite football programs to raid recruiting classes of lesser established programs late in the process.

Even so, it has to help KU’s chances that the class’ five-star and four-star recruits both come from the same high school where safety Mike Lee had a great experience as a true freshman in 2016.

Wide receiver Devonta Jason, a five-star, and DB Corione Harris, a four-star, and Lee all are from Landry-Walker High in New Orleans.

It will be difficult for Kansas to maintain its No. 12 national recruiting ranking for the Class of 218, but a top 25 finish is a reasonable expectation.

Here’s how the top 25 shaped up as of this morning:

1 - Miami

2 - Ohio State

3 - LSU

4 - Penn State

5 - Texas

6 - Florida State

7 - Notre Dame

8 - Tennessee

9 - Baylor

10 - Nebraska

11 - Oklahoma State

12 - Kansas

13 - Michigan

14 - Clemson

15 - Texas A&M

16 - Oregon

17 - Minnesota

18 - Northwestern

19 - Washington

20 - Virginia Tech

21 - USC

22 - Oklahoma

23 - Wisconsin

24 - Kentucky

25 - Duke


Suzi Marshall 10 months, 2 weeks ago

Apparently a few of the national analyst and major college football programs don't think the Kansas Football recruiting class will not hold up.

Let's hope it does but regardless Kansas fans should be proud of Beaty and the team he has in place.

Dillon Davis 10 months, 2 weeks ago

If I were a fan of those other schools I probably would feel the same as they do. I would doubt the commitment holds but regardless, we are getting the attention of other schools and recruits (especially here in Kansas). I think what we have going for us is Devonta's mom loved it here and we have his friend/teammate committed as well. Hopefully Beaty and Hull are checking in with these guys frequently. Devonta is going to sign in December so that should be a positive for us too that we don't have to wait until February for him to sign. He's gonna start to get busy with his senior year and if we can keep him locked up until that point I think we should be set.

Dirk Medema 10 months, 2 weeks ago

On the flip side of losing our best recruits to other powers, Charlot posted that Kelvin Joseph, LSU's top recruit, was on our campus and in uniform. Wouldn't it be ironic if we stole a few more recruits from the others that allegedly going to poach ours?

Brett McCabe 10 months, 2 weeks ago

Appreciate the reminder from Tom that we already have a QB committed, which might explain the fact that we have not offered Jace Ruder. Frankly, I forgot that we had this commitment when I made some comments on an earlier recruiting article.

In terms of other teams making runs at our guys, I'm actually not at all worried. All recruiting classes ebb and flow a bit, as will ours, but this class seems to be getting stronger by the day - not weaker.

If you are a 5-star kid, you are likely hoping for a 3-year college career. One great way to make this happen is to join a program where you can likely start from Day One, and play in a P5 conference where you can get exposure.

What would be utterly fantastic would be if we could get some of these high school recruits on campus in January - enrolled and going before the Feb. signing date even comes up.

Dirk Medema 10 months, 2 weeks ago

Not only are Devonta and Corione teammates, and former teammates with Mike Lee, who had an exceptional year (in spite of just 2 victories), but I believe one of the recent DE commits was also from Landry. It must be approaching a dozen players from LA.

To top the camaraderie, another elite Louisianimal, Charlot, has been recruited to the big dog, been there, done that, and is now loving being here. I'd bet money on him having a good to fabulous year, and that should be all that's really needed to get Devonta, Corione, a most of those classmates, and a few more W's.

It wouldn't hurt to have Coach spend a bit of that fat raise on a few more cajun bbq's too.

Suzi Marshall 10 months, 2 weeks ago

Beaty didn't get much of a raise. The new contract was more a statement of support for Beaty. When/if Beaty makes it to a bowl game, then he'll get the fat raise.

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