An early guess at KU football's depth chart


Kansas receiver Jeremiah Booker cuts upfield during KU's Fan Appreciation Day practice on Saturday, August 20th at Memorial Stadium.

Kansas receiver Jeremiah Booker cuts upfield during KU's Fan Appreciation Day practice on Saturday, August 20th at Memorial Stadium. by Mike Yoder

The season-opener vs. Southeast Missouri State at Memorial Stadium is just six weeks and a day away. It also marks the first day head coach David Beaty will release a depth chart, which will appear on the flip chart distributed in the press box.

Obviously, fall camp will have a great influence on the depth chart, but it’s never too early to take a stab at guessing what it might look like:


Defensive end: first-team: Dorance Armstrong and Josh Ehambe; second-team: Maciah Long, Isaiah Bean.

Defensive tackle: first team: Daniel Wise, J.J. Holmes; second team: Isi Holani, DeeIsaac Davis.

Linebacker: first team: Joe Dineen, Keith Loneker; second team: Osaze Ogbebor, Denzel Feaster.

Safety: first team: Mike Lee, Tyrone Miller; second team: Bryce Torneden, Shaq Richmond.

Cornerback: first team: Hasan Defense, Shakial Taylor; second team: Julian Chandler, Ian Peterson.

Nickel: first team: Derrick Neal; second team: Kyle Mayberry.


Quarterback: first team: Peyton Bender; second team: Carter Stanley.

Running back: first team: Taylor Martin; second team: Khalil Herbert.

Outside receiver: first team: Daylon Charlot and Steven Sims; second team: Jeremiah Booker and Chase Harrell.

Inside receiver: first team: LaQuvionte Gonzalez and Ryan Schadler; second team: Quan Hampton and Tyler Patrick.

Left tackle: first team: Hakeem Adeniji; second team: Antoine Frazier.

Left guard: first team: Jayson Rhodes; second team: Malik Clark.

Center: first team: Mesa Ribordy; second team: Hunter Saulsbury.

Right guard: first team: Larry Hughes; second team: Jacob Bragg.

Right tackle: first team: Charles Baldwin; second team: Clyde McCauley.

My guess as to the player not listed above who is most likely to have an impact, other than senior tight end Ben Johnson and freshman hybrid tight end/receiver Kenyon Tabor, is true freshman linebacker Kyron Johnson.

Never having played college football or had a full season of practice as a redshirt, Johnson is playing catch-up compared to the four names listed in front of him, because they all are juniors and are more familiar with the intricacies of the position. But Johnson appears to have the most potential of the group to use his speed and agility to make plays in space. It’s just a matter of how quickly he learns where to go and when, so that he can use his tools efficiently. If he picks it up quickly, he has enough talent to develop into an impact player by season’s end. A year as a redshirt behind him, Dru Prox also has promise at linebacker.


John Brazelton 12 months ago

For the first time in three seasons, there's some quality depth at second team. There's some third teamers at running back and wide receiver, who are quality and experienced players as well.

Dirk Medema 12 months ago

If we get a few blueshirts like last year, we could actually get into the 80's for scholarship players.

Interesting not to see Octavius at all, and Dom Williams - 2 of our highest rated recruits. It will be interesting to see if the others can make a case for Williams redshirting, but I'm guessing/predicting that O is starting by conference if not from Day 1. He's my "player not on the list". Helps that he played alongside Peyton last year.

Jim Stauffer 11 months, 4 weeks ago

Herbert will be the No.1 RB and we will start a TE, Ben Johnson.

Chris DeWeese 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Ben will likely be in the slot, a lot I hope.

John Fitzgerald 11 months, 4 weeks ago

Yea I'm surprised not to see Octavius Matthews on the RB list but we're pretty deep there. But I'm assuming we'll be playing 5 RB's this year, with Taylor, Herbert, and Matthews being the main guys. Also, I'm not sold Bender is the number 1 QB. I wasn't impressed with the Spring game (which is hard to judge because it's early and he's new to the program) but I also think Carter has the advantage since he's been here for 2 years already. Whoever it is I just hope to hell it's better than what we've had lately.

Chris DeWeese 11 months, 3 weeks ago

If Carter can stay healthy, he probably gives us the best chance at winning. He was starting to feel confident last year, and Beaty should build on that.

Randy Bombardier 11 months, 3 weeks ago

I like Herbert too. Although i have been in the Carter Stanley camp I would trust the coaches to make that call and hopefully stick with it. We probably have the best and fastest receivers I've ever seen. Deep there and in backfield. I'm expecting more deep balls this year.

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