Outgoing defensive end Damani Mosby sounds strong, bullish voice on Kansas football future


Kansas junior defensive end Damani Mosby (#13), photographed at a KU football media day event Saturday August 8, 2015.

Kansas junior defensive end Damani Mosby (#13), photographed at a KU football media day event Saturday August 8, 2015. by Mike Yoder

The date was Nov. 8 and three games remained on the Kansas football schedule when I interviewed defensive end Damani Mosby for his thoughts on the future of the program, intending to save the material for an offseason story.

Mosby spent three years in the program, the first as a redshirt, after transferring from junior college. He never was one to exaggerate, so his upbeat words during the interview had staying power.

“I think this thing is going to catch fire and it’s going to catch fire quick,” Mosby said. “A lot of people might not see that right now from the outside looking in. but people like me, Fish (Smithson), anybody who’s here every day, can see how hard we work and how much better people are getting every day can see it.”

Kansas finished the season 1-2 with a seven-point loss to Iowa State, the school’s first victory against Texas since 1938, and a 15-point loss to Kansas State.

The Jayhawks lost to the same three schools the previous season by an average margin of 31.7 points.

The three-touchdown-per-game improvement against those three opponents from the previous season lent credibility to Mosby’s prediction. His analysis of the future, by the way, was delivered with a voice ideally suited for broadcasting, so he might want to consider that path after he’s done playing football.

“I know it’s a business, but if they’re able to keep this staff together it’s just going to compound the success that we’ve had because we have great teachers,” Mosby said. “The young guys we have I think it’s necessary to have good teachers.”

Head coach David Beaty, heading into his third season, didn’t lose any defensive assistant coaches and other than in the secondary, the majority of starters return.

Mosby and Anthony Olobia will be missed up front, but KU still projects to have a terrific pass rush. Dorance Armstrong was KU’s first unanimous first-team All-Big 12 selection. Tackles Daniel Wise and DeeIsaac Davis had terrific seasons, and slender Isaiah Bean showed a quick burst that lends itself to harassing quarterbacks.

It all adds up to newcomers in the secondary having a shot to look good right off the bat.

“This is going to keep developing from here and is going to be even better,” Mosby said of the defensive front. “I’m excited for what the line is going to look like in coming years based on the guys playing now.”

Obviously, Armstrong is the source of much of the excitement.

Mosby said when he watches Armstrong he thinks about all the edge rushers he watches on Sunday.

“I call him ‘Prototype’ because he just looks like those type of guys. He plays like those type of guys, being able to bend the corner, get back there. It’s really cool being able to see how much he’s gotten better since he first came here and how much more he has to go until his senior year. I’m really, really excited to see how good he’s going to be when it’s all said and done.”

It is exciting to think that if KU makes a bowl game within the next two years, Armstrong and Wise have more games left to play than they already have played.

Mosby makes a strong case that Kansas football will catch fire soon.


Phil Leister 1 year, 4 months ago

Bowl game within the next two years...Man just reading those words has me all excited.

Dave Roberts 1 year, 4 months ago

Outsiders don't realize what has happened at KU, especially because we only improved to 2-10 this year. The 2017 KU football squad will burst out of the blocks. They have 7 home games this season and they could easily make a bowl game, perhaps even a better record.

We came close to winning a couple more games last year except for the QB spot. Now this year, we have Carter Stanley returning, along with the experienced Air Raid QB, Peyton Bender, who played in Washington State under Mike Leach. Now add the new OC Meacham who also specializes in perfecting the Raid, with our R/S freshman QB, Tyriek Starks.

That's just one position, QB. Then we have a 5* WR transfer from 'Bama named Charlot who sat out last year and trained with the squad. Steven Sims is back, he led the team in yds. Gonzales also returns.

Dirk Medema 1 year, 4 months ago

Plus we have the other 'bama transfer to replace the only OL that we lose, and the RB from Wichita via CSU who could step in for Kinner if freshman Dominic Williams doesn't steal the job right off the batt. Williams is the only new player that isn't already on campus earning it. There could be a big uptick on O if the OL continues to develop. Replacing 5 DB's is tough, but Lee is a great foundation, and at least 2 of the JC should be able to step in and contribute, and HCDB looks like he's still hunting for more. If we're not giving them lots of extra possessions (QB) and getting burned pass plays (DB's), there could be a dramatic improvement. It won't hurt that with another strong blueshirt class, we'll be almost back to a full roster - and a full coaching staff.

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