Why isn't anyone talking about this?


For those unfriendly with Links, or the Subject matter... here it is in a nutshell...

A Duke Blue Devil Senior, during their National Championship season of 2009-2010, put down $30,000 one a loan for $100,000. of Jewelry, promised to pay the rest within 15 days ( $70,000 dollars... in 15 days ) and did not follow through with the arrangement.

First, Where did he get the money?

Second, Why is the NCAA not all over this?

Thirdly, Where was Coach K involved with all of this?

For some people in this country, 30,000 isn't much to sniff at. A college kid, however. Shouldn't have that kind of money laying around, especially enough to promise that you can pay not only that 30,000 outright.. and follow through with 70,000 "in 15 days"

There has always been no question in my mind that Coach K is an Unethical coach, but I doubt many of us have ever thought he has paid players. This story, tends to make you look at that possibility, and based on the recent NCAA investigations of our players ( Selby's suspension for money given to him by Carmelo Anthony, Darnell Jackson being given money by his Gradnfather ( who was also a donor to KU ), And Roy allowign benefits to go to Nick Collison and Kirk Hinrich once they left the university are certainly not as preposterous as...

" Duke Blue Devil Senior Guard, Spends 30,000 in Jewelry, and promises 70,000 more in 15 days..."

Frivolous. Arrogant. Pampered.

Exactly what the outside world looking in things of Duke Blue Devil Basketball...


justinryman 7 years, 3 months ago

ESPN would report this, but they do not want to pset Duke and Coach K as Dickie V wouldn't have anyone to talk so highly about.

Remember when the Jerry Sandusky story broke it took an extra day before ESPN started covering it. They were too afraid to make waves with JoPa.

If this was USC, or Nebraska or even Kansas, no not Texas ESPN has too much love for a mediocre school, they would be asking that they vacate all thier wins, all coaches be fired and so on.

ESPN loves their Duke and Coach K, they won't stand behind this story until it goes to court and they still might not cover it the way they should.

waywardJay 7 years, 3 months ago

Too much New York love from coach Krook... Embarrassing Espn.

justinryman 7 years, 3 months ago

I like that name, it goes right next to Dukie V.

jayhawk1991 7 years, 3 months ago

You will never convince me that that "Coach kROOK" (wayward: I love that name for him) hasn't cheated repeatedly at Puke.

waywardJay 7 years, 3 months ago

Not trying too, In fact, i think I am trying to make the case he very visibly cheated, and the NCAA has selected not to do anything directly about it. Which brings to question, why someone like Cam Newton still hasn't been called to the carpet by the NCAA, or does the SEC not play by the same rules the rest of the country does... If you think Mizzou hated playing against us with our supposed rules advantages, Imagine when SEC rules come out in full force and squash the Mizzou "faithful"

Joseph Bullock 7 years, 3 months ago

first of all, if anyone ever thought coach K was not shady, they know nothing about the "real coach K"! remember when Christian L stepped on a players chest in the NCAA Tournament, and coach K first said it did not happen, then said he did not see it happen. I don't think he had won a championship until that one, but if he would have done what any good caoch who disciplines players for flagrant acts does, he would have taken him out of the game, for at least one play, and chewed his ass. but in this case, they may have lost this very close game, had he taken him out. left him in-won the game. people may not know this, but he was on the ropes at Duke, at one time, pertaining to his coaching job there.

waywardJay 7 years, 3 months ago

Certainly... there were people who once called for Bill's head at Kansas... I never will blame a players actions on their coach. Players eventually have to have control of themselves, and Certainly Laettner was a douche... The problem I have with Krook is this, he makes suh a big deal about his player's attitudes and aptitudes tat you would think that sort of play would be beneath a Duke player and yet....

we have incredibly strong proof of Recruitment violations... and a few players who show very little class... Maybe it is about what Krook is.... who knows...

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