What I did on My Summer Vacation


May 21st 9am - Wandered around the weight room with Marcus and Markieff, Marcus was seriously repping hardcore, and Markieff had a quarter stuck up his nose. Coach Hudy came in told Markieff to get to work, he wouldn't do it, so she made him a bet.... She asked what he weighed at last weigh in, and offered the bet that if any team mate could lift his last weigh in weight... he would spend twice the time in the weight room. He looked over at me like I ruined the curve and reluctantly started working out.

May 25th 1pm - Pondering the existance and the metaphysical identity of Neitschke's Superman while playing Halo 3.

may 25th 1:25pm - Found that after great detailed thought that, indeed Superman was fallable even though the idea of such an alpha male is not possibly found in nature, stopped playing Halo 3.

may 27th - 11:30am- Sat down to lunch with Jeff Withey.

may 27th - 3:00pm - just got done watching Jeff Withey eat.

June 1st - Got in Argument with Brady .... I look much more like Franz than Hanz

June 2-7th - Was invited to sport's fitness seminar. Coach Hudy told me to bring a big Granite stone with me..... for those who haven't checked a giant marble stone into an Airport..... You get looked at funny.

June 14th - Got into a Wrestling match with Jake Sharp.... You'll never guess who won.

June 20th - 7am... Met up wiht the football team and weight lifted for bragging rights, Dez Briscoe challenged me to a basketball game..... I challenged him to dead lift..... He glared and went back to work.

june 21st- Studied tapes of games from last year and i noticed something, Cole is really friggin tall. You look at him and you think, man he's tall but then you look at him in person and it's like starting straight up at the Sear's tower, no wonder why no one wants to Shoot near him....

June 30th.... Hung out with Ej today and ASked him if the story about him going to Kentucky waiving the Ku T-shirt was true, and he confirmed it was. To which I responded, while you were there did Calipari try to steal your recruitment too..... He laughed and said, Calipari was too busy finding someone to take John Wall's SAT's for him.

July 4th - Hung out with Family at Barbeque, had traditional fair.... makes me wonder if Coach Hudy ever got invited to Withey's family Barbeque..... got text from tyshawn, he keeps telling my how short New Zealander's are, he told me their basketball team could use a center once i use my requisite years of college eligibility......

july 5th - Sherron's back, Mom's healthy.... and so is he... bill's not gonna be happy.

july 6th - hired to keep Sherron away from Jeff Withey's rations.

july 7th - recruited Markieff to help keep Sherron away from Withey's rations....

July 18th - Funniest joke I have heard all Summer long.... guys are all here now except for Brady's who is with fambs in Frisco..... and Cole turns to withey and says.... You notice that little kid who's been following you around all summer long wiht the notebook..... he actually played minutes for us last year.... you'd never believe it but kid could bench press a Humvee... Withey said he looks like tyler Hansborough lost his knees...... Aldrich responded.... you never saw te final four game we played against them did you ......

July 19th - Sherron's almost to playing weight, and during a pick up game Sherron tackled Mario and wrestled the ball away and immediately started posing like it meant something.... Oh Sherron, you couldn't be Cookie Miller if you tried..... You'd have to go hunger strike to get that way, and frankly my friend.... i don't see you ever missing a meal......

July 21st - Sat down with Coach and designed a 7 course meal for Jeff Withey.... Then lifted the pre cook weight just to see if it could be done.....

July 23rd - Got and Email from Cj Henry asking who that middle linebacker was who wore 14 last year...... I think he thought i was an team manager or something.....

July 27th - got a request for updates on my summer exploits from a Kusports reader.... he asked since no one seemed to know what i was actually up to, i thouhgt i woul dgive a few brief details of my life..... Yes I am a little bummed that We have like eight billion guards that will be playing for us this year..... but hey.... I could get a second ring and not have to lift a finger.... Think about that for just a second.... Name the 4 guys who have two Kansas National championships to their names..... Sherron, Cole, Brady and Me.... Im the obscure beatle no one ever remembers.... Im Paull MCCartney !


suttonku 8 years, 11 months ago

Conner Teahan, Tyrel Reed, or Chase Buford as well.

waywardJay 8 years, 11 months ago

it was written from the point of view of Poor tyrel.... i could have brought up chase buford stumbling around most of th time... but that's more how I feel right now.... as for connor ... i just plain forgot about him for a few minutes....

suttonku 8 years, 11 months ago

yeah my bad didnt read the description.

waywardJay 8 years, 11 months ago

that's ok... i shoulda covered that not in the description.... should have covered tat outright.

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