Where were you on September 25, 2000? A story of Paul Pierce, told through you.


Hello my fellow Jayhawks. My name is Max, and I, like the rest of you, am a die hard, crimson and blue to the core, Jayhawk. But something had just occurred to me. I have not been alive that long. 19 years to be exact. And I realize what big stories, or big news I may have missed growing up. So today I am starting a series, for fans young and old, to recall the times of a particular event, and inform us curious younger readers, and a time to remember for those who were there for it all.

So todays story, Where were you on September 25, 2000? The night of Paul Pierce's nearly fatal stabbing.

It took me a while to get to being a die hard KU fan like the rest of my family, nearly til 2005 when it finally began to hit me and I started breathing KU sports like I do today. So I wanna know how you took the news. How fans and the country reacted. And what your exact thoughts were the day this news broke.

Looking forward to seeing all your responses and continuing this series as well!

Rock Chalk.


Kent Kossoy 5 years, 1 month ago

While I also bleed Crimson and Blue also, can't say that this was a life event for me. He was a great jayhawk player. Is a great NBA player, and I was glad to hear this would not be fatal then. I was also glad to hear that this was an unprovoked act. He was truly a victim. But there are more pressing life events that have since existed.

justinryman 5 years, 1 month ago

What I remember is he had a leather coat on and they said that might have saved his life.

When they said he would live relief, when they said he would play again I was happy for "the truth".

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