Dan Dakich fires back at 'uptight and insecure and nuts' KU fans on KC radio station


ESPN announcer Dan Dakich reads "not so mean tweets" about himself during the broadcast of KU's win over Omaha. (Screenshot via

ESPN announcer Dan Dakich reads "not so mean tweets" about himself during the broadcast of KU's win over Omaha. (Screenshot via by Scott Chasen

Normally, the conversation between a fan and announcer is one-sided.

Fans can bark at their TVs, but the announcers will never hear them. Announcers can talk on the broadcast waves, but the fans can’t really respond.

Thanks to Twitter, we now know what at least one announcer would say if he could hear what was being said.

ESPN announcer and personality Dan Dakich was on the call for the recent KU drubbing over Omaha. Almost instantly, fans erupted on social media with tweets and posts voicing their displeasure. The tweets became so plentiful, in fact, that they were addressed on air in a segment called, “Not so mean tweets.”

Here are some of the actual tweets they used in the segment:

  • @TheFoyeEffect: Dan Dakich is impressively stupid
  • @BallmanMcG: I hope Dan Dakich never announces another basketball game ever again.
  • @BradLoganCOTE: Who is Dan Dakich? I’m dead serious.

Dakich responded on air, joking back and forth with the users. Then he took it a step further, retweeting and responding to several users on Tuesday.

That just so happened to be the perfect opportunity for one radio host.

Joshua Brisco, host of (Almost) Entirely Sports on ESPN Kansas City, was spending his Tuesday broadcast discussing the Kansas City Chiefs when one of his friends told him another was “Twitter sparring” with Dakich.

Brisco then took to Twitter and engaged with Dakich, ultimately leaving the phone number to his show as an open invitation.

None by Joshua Brisco

“I didn’t expect him to call, but I thought there was a chance,” Brisco told the Journal-World. “There was another national broadcaster — who shall remain nameless — who declined an offer to come on the show in a similar circumstance, so I figured that Dan would do the same thing just to avoid a potential ambush. He had no idea who I was or what my agenda was.”

The ensuing segment was filled with plenty fireworks.

You can listen to it in full by clicking here.

Dakich didn’t back down from any of his comments on the broadcast — more on that in a second — but he did say he expected some of the heat he got from KU fans.

“I catch hell every time I do a game,” Dakich said on the show. "And everybody knows, like everybody in the world knows, that, with all due respect, very few fan bases whine more than Kansas.”

Dakich referred to a conversation he had with Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski on Tuesday about how fans tend to hear only what they want.

"I must have said 8,000 glowing things about Kansas, because I really like Kansas basketball,” Dakich said. "Like I really like Bill (Self).”

Still, it was another comment about the coach that stuck in the minds of KU fans.

After praising Self and KU’s streak of 13-conseuctive Big 12 championships, Dakich took exception to a no-call on a drive by an Omaha player.

Specifically, Dakich said “there’s nothing more disgusting” than the disparity in officiating between big and small schools, adding that the referees are paid differently depending on the game, and thus they want to keep coaches like Self happy.

Some KU fans were upset by that comment.

None by Rock Chalk Blog

None by Maggie Holcomb

None by Mandi Doss

"That’s all I’ve heard today is, 'You can’t say they’re in Self’s pocket,' ” Dakich told Brisco. "I can say it, I’ve said it and I’ll keep saying it because they’re in (Tom) Izzo’s too. They were in (Bob) Knight’s too when I was there. It’s just the way the world works.”

The basis of that statement appears to be accurate. In 2012,’s Mike Waters wrote a story about the wear and tear on officials.

In it, he noted an official can earn “roughly $3,000 for working a Big East or Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)” game, compared to smaller conferences like the MAAC, in which that total might drop to about $1,500.

"I did say, and this is a fact — this is every coach that coaches at a mid major — when you play at a Kansas, you know you’re going to get screwed,” Dakich said. "I was an assistant at Indiana for Bob Knight I used to tell him, like if we’re playing Central Michigan, 'Coach, you’ve got to stand up and change the game.’

“Look, officials make about $2,000 doing a Kansas game and about $750 doing an Omaha game. So who the hell you think they’re going to try to keep happy? It’s human nature.”

Dakich's comments didn’t stop there.

Aside from defending his own words, Dakich picked a fight with quite a few KU fans.

One user tweeted at Dakich to tell him “Malik (Newman) and Svi (Mykhailiuk) probably have more talent in their pinkies than you ever did.”

Then Dakich responded, calling out the user and comparing her hair to “lettuce."

None by Dan Dakich

“You guys are so, like, uptight and insecure and nuts, so I wanted crazy lady to know that I was just kind of joking around,” Dakich told Brisco. “I would imagine (that my reasoning) escaped her. That’s why I did that, because she seemed to be a very hateful person.”

Dakich also called out several people who didn’t even tag him on the platform.

He said he got into the habit of searching for his own name because former NFL punter Pat McAfee warned him to do so. Dakich noted that he has now caught someone trying to falsely use his name for publicity on four separate occasions.

None by Dan Dakich

“I was one of those 6 a.m. to midnight guys,” Dakich said. “Now I work three hours a day so hell, I’ve got to fill my time. And what the hell? It’s what I do.

“I love getting people to the point where they’ve got to swear at me. And then I kind of laugh and go about my business."

As for some other highlights of the conversation, Dakich called out one Twitter user on air who responded to Brisco’s initial post to announce the interview.

None by Joe Davis

“You better be careful because — let me see here, hold on a second — some (jerk) named Joe Davis says, 'No, No Josh,’ " Dakich said. "He (doesn’t) want to listen when I’m on. So you might have just lost a listener for some dude named Joe Davis. That might come back to crush you.

“Hey Joe Davis, you’re going to miss a hell of a segment if you don’t want to listen to me and Josh, brother. Cause this is — ha, I almost swore right there — this is going to get good Joe Davis.”

Brisco, on the other hand, took it all in stride.

“I so respect him for (calling in). I loved every minute of it,” Brisco said. “He’s opinionated and confrontational and he has his own personality that reaches far beyond a KU-Omaha blowout.

“And that’s why many KU fans didn’t like him on that game. I saw people say that, ‘He made it about himself.’ … I just wish basketball fans had a little bit of a stronger stomach for that kind of personality.”

Really, Brisco was just concerned about getting the name of his impromptu guest right.

“I realized that, moments before he called in, that I wasn’t 100 percent confident I had been pronouncing Dakich correctly,” Brisco said. “So I was thrilled when he said his own name in the third-person a few minutes into our conversation."


Martin Rosenblum 10 months ago

Add this guy to the list of pathetic sports analysts that have done KU games in recent history. His name will be associated with Dickie V and Bill Walton as horrific "on-air talent" personalities who should be prohibited from at least doing KU games, if not any college games.

Dale Rogers 10 months ago

Dan Dakich has supplanted Dick Vitale as top of my list of most inane announcers. Bring back announcers who actually tell us who just got called for that foul. Give us play-by-play and just use color commentary for those truly dead moments. When the game resumes, suspend the color until the next dead moment. ESPN is the worst about this. Anyone remember how Dizzy Dean used to do baseball games? Very entertaining but when something happened in the game his story stopped and was resumed next break. Terrific announcer.

Dakich also now tops Vitale on my list of announcers who think they have to fill every second. Geez but my ears get tired when these morons are broadcasting.

Jerry Walker 10 months ago

"announcers who actually tell us who just got called for that foul."

It gets on my last nerve when they're too busy story telling to give the basic but very important info on who committed the foul. The idiots say "foul on Kansas" and then go on with some bullschitt story. Hell, I can see that it was called on Kansas but WHO on Kansas.

They're paid to provide details and insight...particularly concerning what we can't see off camera. If they're going to spend the night visiting with each other and watching the game on the monitor...put their butts and a monitor in the last row and quit wasting valuable court side seating.

And I agree whole-heartedly with you Dale about the color commentators and the style promoted by ESPN. They've turned the game broadcast into a talk show with their endless chattering. Some will advise that the solution is to mute the sound. NO! We shouldn't have to watch the game like a deaf person - missing the sounds and ambiance in the arena - just because the announcers are idiots.

Bryce Landon 10 months ago

So Dan Dakich is not only a bad announcer but a jerk too. And biased against KU, too. To openly call us the whiniest fan base? The next time ESPN lays people off, he should be at the top of the list!

Austin Bergstrom 10 months ago

I can"t stand Brian Hanni on the radio broadcasts.

Mike Kendall 10 months ago

I have my top three announcers from doing KU Basketball games, EVER--OK, here they are: Bill Walton, Dick Vitale (I like how he is knowledgeable and has great stories, but is very biased to Duke & North Carolina) and Dan Dakich.

Bill Walton--he is so off the wall--glad he enjoyed the Allen Fieldhouse tour--he gave a nice complement to Wilt Chamberlain during the broadcast--I am sure he was a great player during his time, but let's be honest, he cannot do another KU game. He broadcasting skills are lacking.

Dick Vitale--way back when, I liked Vitale a lot. I had compassion for his compassion to fight cancer--he talks about his hard-working parents--he spins some great stories--the thing that makes my stomach turn is when he at a KU game broadcasting and he gloats about Duke, North Carolina, the ACC, blah, blah, blah! Come on, Man!

Dan Dakich--Bottom line-Dan is biased to the Big 10 Conference. So why the hell is he doing a Big 12 game, especially a game at Allen Fieldhouse where has no interest in KU? I thought the "Not So Mean Tweets" during the game, with the split screen-I would like to watch the game please!!!!!! Dan is becoming my least favorite announcer now. He is right up there with Howard Cosell--I know I will upset some folks about Cosell. Cosell was biased and so is Dakich. Memo to ESPN-please don't assign Dakich to another KU game. Even when Dakich does a Big 10 game, I cringe at his announcing.

Sorry, I had to vent. That's my honest assessment. Rock Chalk!

David Black 10 months ago

Dan who............I watched the game and I still don't know!

Nick Kramer 10 months ago

I believe Dakich was a Bob Knight assistant at Indiana in 1990 when Rick Calloway transferred to KU, and in 1991 when KU upset Indiana in the tourney, and again in 1993 when KU defeated Indiana. Just sayin'.

Tom Jones 10 months ago

Yeah, KU was 5-1 vs. IU while Dakich was as ass istant there, including a win at Assembly Hall when they were top five and the two crushing tourney losses (both of which they were favored to win).

He's obviously never gotten over it.

Shannon Gustafson 10 months ago

I don't normally complain about the announcers as I'm pretty good at ignoring them if they aren't talking about the game. I can't say that was the case with Dakich. It got so bad I had to google him to figure out who he was and why he was such a pompous a**hole. His comments about the refs and such was annoying but his overall "if I was an average announcer" holier than thou attitude was unbearable.

The fact that he actively searches for confrontation on Twitter and admits that he likes to push people until they cuss at him is unbelievable. That's the definition of a troll. As a professional he should know better than to act like a child.

Bob Thompson 10 months ago

I am not so upset at Dakich as much as ESPN. It's no wonder their stock is dropping and they are laying off people. Their are too many "notable" people making everything about them selves. Is it too much to ask for a break and make basketball about basketball. When did hate become a national pastime, can't we go back to a more civil period in time.... please.

Eliott Reeder 10 months ago

Dakich certainly dropped some inflammatory BS comments throughout, but when he wasn’t talking smack, I liked his insights. In fact, I didn’t know about the $ disparity for officials, so even with that I learned something. I’ll take him over Fran any day of the week. Fraschilla annoys me to no end. He’s either low-key rooting against KU from beginning to end, or telling the exact same boring little basic-knowledge stories over and over and over again each and every game.

Ken Miller 10 months ago

Dan Dakich is an interesting guy to listen to doing color for NCAA hoops broadcasts - which is a greater compliment than any I would give to about 98 percent of the color analysts out there. He can laugh at himself. And for those of you who never heard of him as a player - he was the main reason Indiana held the great Michael Jordan under 15 points in a 1984 NCAA Sweet Sixteen win over the then #1 ranked UNC Tarheels. Oh, and he put up with four years of BK Theater. And graduated. And lived to talk about it. And coach.

KU will be just fine, regardless of the hurt feelings Jayhawks fans have.

Geoffrey Alonso 10 months ago

I don't really care what he said or didn't say about KU, that isn't really my concern. Don't need one TV commentator to validate KU success and he did say many good things too. Really don't even care if he lights up twitter guys and such (although I think if they don't tag you that should be off limits) What I don't like is that he was an incredible a$$bag to his co-host dude on there. That seems far more like bully behavior.

Dale Stringer 10 months ago

He is no where near as bad as Bill Walton. I only remember about one minute of split screen with Dan. With Bill, it is half the game. And Dan kept his comments to basketball and the game for the most part.

Jim Stauffer 10 months ago

As an announcer Dakich has to say he has great respect and admiration for Kansas. Also for Kentucky, Duke and all the great programs. It is his profession and he cannot dismiss us because we are one of the great programs. Having said that, does anyone believe (especially after he has clearly demonstrated strong feelings) he doesn't have a bit of a grudge against Kansas for superseding his Hoosiers? Does anyone wonder if he hates Kentucky for beating their brains out over the years? Of course he has those strong feelings. It still does not bother me at all if he and Walton (who I just love) would just do a better job of staying on the game. Keeping up with the calls. Who just fouled and how many do they have, etc. I have nothing against Dakich. He tries to teach the audience the game. That is a good thing. There are guys like Bilas who most of us appreciate more, but Dakich is o.k., just keep up with the game you are doing.

Dave Miller 10 months ago

I think that Chris Piper should do all the KU color commentary for every KU game. KU fans would probably rather have him than just about anyone from ESPN. ESPN could just send a play-by-play announcer. This "solution" would work for KU fans and save ESPN some money. ;)

Larry Knzas 10 months ago

Great article - Scott. I hope you begin to write more for LJW /

Love the fact that Dakich engaged with viewers, especially pushing back to those that don't or didn't agree with his perspective or approach. In today's world of social media and interaction - it is perfect. He gets it.

Vitale is a bum and simply terrible, the world has moved on from his schict. Walton is high, his whole zin thing is abismal.

To my fellow Rockchalks. Lean back. Let this flow over you. Next thing you know, you'll be phoning in threats to roofing companies. Stay classy Larryville.

Waylon Cook 10 months ago

So you wanted to make yourself MORE of a douche? You actually did!

Ulf Becker 10 months ago

If we can have knowledgeable and respectful announcers like Jay Bilas then there's just no need at ESPN or any other network for the likes of Walton and Dakich who just keep wasting oxygen.

Mike Kendall 10 months ago

Bilas is awesome, baby! Oh gosh--talking like Vitale now. Bilas is from Duke and went to school to become a lawyer---ugh! What I like about Jay, is that he will not be biased and has a great sense of humor--and lord knows, we need humor in this world. Happy Holidays to KU Nation!

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