And on a side note...

Tubberville to Miami????

One name that is rumorred to have interviewed for the U of Miami job is Tommy Tubberville, ex Auburn head coach and currently at Texas tech.

I know many KU fans wanted him here, but I wonder how all the recruits at Tech are feeling right now? How about current players, that could be on thier third coach in as many years???

I personally think that if he leaves Tech he only used them as a spring board to get back into coaching. I am also glad he wasn't hired at KU for that same reason. Need a little stability in football to make it work.


FT %….Ouch, but not as bad as it could be…

OK since FT's have become such a topic about why Kansas is letting teams keep it close, here is a little bit of info. There are 346 Div. 1 teams that are out there, # 346 is Alabama St. shooting at a clip of .531, just a few lucky bounces over .500.

1 is Northern Colorado shooting at .818, with the first major conf school being Wisconsin at #4 shooting at a rate of .797. The first periniall name in basketball is Villanova at #10 shooting at .781.

The first Big12 team(well at lest they are this year) Colorado at #15 shooting at .774(must be the mountain air?). UCLA is at #204 shooting .669 while upcoming USC is #210 at .667.

Now the hard part, Kentucky is at #249 shooting .651. But it could be worse. other major programs like Michigan St. are at #278 .634 and UNC #293 at .626.

OK. So where does Kansas rank? #267 shooting a percentage of .639.

BUT WAIT!!!!! It could be worse, thats right worse. Kansas St. is only shooting .534 from the charity line and are ranked at #345. Yeppers, just one notch from the bottom.

Can't wait til we play the Mildcats, there is a game we will look GREAT when shooting our FT's, but could be one of the ugliest games ever from the line combined.


And on a side note

Here is a little side note of one of the "Underachieving Freshman" from Kentucky, DeMarcus Cousins was asked to leave practice this week, after all he is only shooting just over 38% from the field. But on the upside he is leading the WHOLE NBA in fouls.

And to finish off my first version of, "And on a side note", it is tru that Mizzu only can play for 40 minutes. C'mon only 4 points in OT and you couldn't stop your G'Town at all. So much for "Forty minutes of he!! part Deux"


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