Wayne Selden shows off his hops


Kansas freshman guard Wayne Selden soars in for a dunk during an unofficial dunk contest during warmups before a scrimmage.

Kansas freshman guard Wayne Selden soars in for a dunk during an unofficial dunk contest during warmups before a scrimmage. by Nick Krug

Shortly after Kansas University guard Wayne Selden completed his freshman basketball season, he underwent a minor surgical procedure on his left knee.

In the words of his coach, Bill Self, "He was playing on a bad wheel all year."

Self didn't reveal until after KU's postseason banquet that Selden played with a nagging knee injury. The coach told reporters back in April: “He’ll be fine going into the summer, 100 percent. I think we’ll see him become even more explosive.”

If Selden's Instagram video from Sunday is any indication, Self's prediction was correct. It's the first week of June and and the 6-foot-5 guard from Roxbury, Massachusetts, is back to his rim-rattling ways.

Bounce coming back...😏

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Bounce coming back...😏 by wayneseldenjr

His explosiveness might not even be back to the level he wants it at yet, but Selden can still pull off a between-the-legs, reverse jam after throwing himself a bounce-pass alley-oop.

But he has to feel good about the progress. As he wrote on the Instagram post: "Bounce coming back…"

A fully healthy Selden — more capable of driving to the paint and elevating for 3-pointers — in his sophomore season would go a long way toward keeping the Jayhawks near the top of the college basketball world.


Jonathan Allison 4 years ago

Self says that he'd like to use Selden this season like ISU's DeAndre Kane. He could be blowing smoke or dreaming about Selden's point guard skills, or we could be in for a great season.

My question is this. If Selden does successfully transition to PG, does his game more resemble the game of Kane, or the game of "good" Marcus Smart.

"Good" Marcus Smart was a nasty ball-player. "Bad" Marcus Smart was a nasty teammate, and a nasty human being. DeAndre Kane was a multi-talented player with a better shooting stroke, better ball-handling and distribution, but not as aggressive. Smart was more aggressive, better driving and finishing through traffic, more physical, better rebounder. Kane had more weapons at his disposal and Smart had to carry the load.

I think that Selden's skills and mentality may be geared more closely to "good" Marcus Smart then DeAndre Kane.

All that said, I think that there's an 80% chance that Selden plays point guard less than 20% of his minutes this season, and hopefully Graham, Frankamp, and Mason are the reason why.

Dan Burns 4 years ago

Jonathan, I don't like ANY association the Smart "A" to KU's program or players. His fake fouls, etc made NOTHING of his game to crave. Putting that analogy FAR behind us, I agree, we have PG potential but actually in 6 other players, you forgot Oubre and Svee.

I do expect much more out of Seldon now that the knee is fixed and he's got some Div 1 experience. He also now understand's Coach's program to a degree which is big.

My question is more regarding Perry's lack of aggressiveness and his minutes with all the new talent.

Jonathan Allison 4 years ago

it was kinda painful for me to compare him to smarcus, but I just don't see his PG game very closely resembling Kane's. Thanks for the reply.

Rich Hetherington 4 years ago

I believe Seldon will have a break-out year. Maybe much like B-Mac, but with more finishing at the rim. It will be fun to watch for sure!

Rich Hetherington 4 years ago

Depth is never a bad thing, but sometimes I do worry how it will effect players like Svee, Seldon, Greene, Frankamp, Graham, Mason, Oubre and maybe even Ellis at times playing the 1-3. On the same note, Alexander, Mickelson, Traylor, Ellis and Lucas. That gives us 12 viable options, but history has shown Self not venturing outside of an 8-9 man rotation much. I just don't see 3-4 of these guys as ones you can keep out of the lineup much. (Poor Lucas... he's maturing physically and could be ready for a break-out season himself if not for the depth on the team). One thing I know for sure is that this team is loaded. We don't have a prototypical Center this year, but I don't see that being a problem. We'll be fast, energetic, and with some decent shooters and rebounders this year. I like our chances and can't wait for the off-season to end!

Jim Stauffer 4 years ago

I believe Selden is naturally a shooting guard of the "old school" where he does all three. Shoots from the three when open, but if guarded closely penetrates and can stop and shoot the 15-17 footer as well as take it all the way to the hoop.

He will be more assertive with better legs and Wigs gone.

Lucas plays the Center position like it should be and there is value in a guy being where he is supposed to be compared to some very athletic guys who are out of position a lot.

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