Predicting the unpredictable BIG 12 North


week of 11/7

KSU 3-3 KU

NU 2-3 OU

KU 2-3 KSU



CU 1-4 ATM

week of 11/14

KSU 3-4 MU

KU 3-3 NU

MU 3-3 KSU

ISU 3-4 CU

NU 2-4 KU

CU 1-5 ISU

week of 11/21

NU 3-4 KSU

KU 3-4 UT

MU 3-4 ISU

ISU 3-5 MU

KSU 3-5 NU

CU 1-6 OSU

week of 11/28

KU 4-4 MU

KSU 3-5 *

NU 3-5 CU

MU 3-5 KU

ISU 3-5 *

CU 2-6 NU

I see Colorado getting one more win, that being against NU in a close one. One thing is for sure, it's going to be a closer race than we all thought, so I'm actually looking forward to it. What better way to end the season - having to beat your rivals to win the north conference title? Makes that arrowhead game important, doesn't it?


Rock Chalk!!!


waywardJay 9 years, 10 months ago

i hope your right.... i would like another shot at the SOUTHIES this year.... even if it is invain..... who knows what would happen in a championship game....

kansas22 9 years, 10 months ago

My predictions for the North: 1. Kansas State 4-4 2. Nebraska 4-4 3. Missouri 4-4 4. Kansas 3-5 5. Iowa State 3-5 6. Colorado 1-7 I don't know who represents in the title game because Nebraska beats Mizzou, KSU beats Nebraska, and Mizzou beats KSU. So, 3 way tie similar to the one in the South last year. KU's only remaining wins are Kansas State and Missouri. If the Orange Bowl season had never happened I'd say KU Nation would be stoked with this 7-5 outcome and beating the two rivals. But expectations have risen and rightfully so. Please let these predictions be wrong and let us win the North!

suttonku 9 years, 10 months ago

NU defense is pretty talented and the Cornhuskers will be starting talented freshman Cody Green...If KUs defense can stop the run of Green and force him to throw the ball more often then I think the defense should be able to contain NU...I worry about KU moving the ball against NU since they struggled last week against a TTU defense that gave up 50 some points against A&M...KU has to be able to run the ball which will be tough against NUs front four...Everyone thinks about Suh but dont forget about Crick. I am worried about our offensive line not being able to block well against that tough defensive line. If KU is going to win that game they will need to have a fast start on offense and contain their offense.

hdhntr 9 years, 10 months ago

what you are missing is reesing will be lucky to make it past the NU game after 3 very good D's come after him and with a terrible O line. Little chance against at MU team at arrowhead, looks like 4 losses in row. Hate to be so pessimistic but snyder will school mangino on how to have a football team ready to play saturday. Look at how ready he had his juco misfits playing OU last week, dude can coach, while manmountain? Not so much. Lost all respect for him when he benched Reesing and gave up on trying to win the game. Is there ONE fan of ku who thinks that gave team a better chance of coming back? I didn't think so.

fans will be howling for mangino's head by then and rightfully so.

hdhntr 9 years, 10 months ago

opinions vary but namecalling is for people who rode the little bus. see what happens saturday, as always could be wrong but all facts support my position. we will see how things work out and who can coach and who can't. all I know is mangino took the unquestioned best O in north and made it a team weakness not the strength it should be.

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