A more sinister looking Jayhawk?

A more sinister looking Jayhawk?

One of my favorite T-shirts is one which shows the evolution of the Jayhawk over the years. Jay has changed quite a bit over the past 100 years. Our current version has been in place since 1946, and has the longest longevity of any Jayhawk at 65 years and counting.

I believe that I read somewhere that our Jayhawk was the 2nd most identifiable college mascot, behind only the fighting leprechaun of Notre Dame. Is it time for our friendly, smiling Jay to have a makeover? What would a fierce and scary Jayhawk look like? Does Jay change into an image with a frontal view of the face and body, with prominent wings, or does he retain the side view image we recognize today?

Should the 70”s Rock group Kansas change the title of their hit song to “Carrion, my wayward son?”, as Jay offers Baby Jay some fresh Tigger or Wildkitten to feast on?

Let the debate begin!


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