Joe Pa. Dead at 85

Silent requiem for an icon among the world of sports. Football was his life. He lost both together. Any fan of any sport must give proper respect for someone who represents love and dedication to a game so consistently over so many years. Now, that longevity becomes his legacy even as it ends.

Joe Paterno. Man. Coach. Icon. Legend.

We will miss you!


MGJayhawk 4 years ago

He will be judged for all he did...and all he didn't do. In God's hands. RIP Joe Pa.

lurkerhawk 4 years ago

He's a legendary coach but he failed to be a good man.

Ryan Mullen 4 years ago

He made a huge mistake. Unfortunatly it was at the end of his life and not somewhere near the beginning. STill will view him as a good man though.

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