Big XII a Superconference?


I just had an epiphany. What if this whole nauseating conference realignment actually makes things better for the Big 12? Consider the following potential conference divisions:

NORTH: Boise State, West Virginia, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, Notre Dame

SOUTH: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech.

With these football powerhouses, the Big 12 could negotiate a contract with ABC/ESPN on par with the SEC simply by virtue of the football interest it would generate because of the power programs it would boast. And if the commissioner decided to push to become the nation's first super-conference, it could add an additional four: BYU and Cincinnati in the North, and Louisville and Air Force/Rutgers in the South.

This is an unrealistic dream-world scenario and no one would rightly take it seriously. But if we ever got it the league should jack up exit fees to the sky. I haven't heard much Boise State-to-the-Big 12 talk out there, but if Boise wants to ever be put on a national stage where its great records earn them respect in the BCS bowls (translate, "being given an NCAA title shot), then making the jump to a revamped Big 12 would make a lot of sense. Losing Nebraska was a real hit, but otherwise the football tradition of the Big 12 would be maintained and even improved. Even basketball breaks slightly ahead of a "push" considering the presence of Louisville, West Virginia, Cincinnati, and Notre Dame. I like the addition of these last four teams to toughen up Kansas' basketball schedule as well, hopefully better preparing them for the NCAA tournament.

In any case, with regard to Mizzou I am one who holds that Missouri hate > Kansas/Mizzou rivalry. I think it was Tom Keegan who pointed out that KU revenues from Missouri's exit would nearly pay off the buy out on Turner Gill's contract. If only for that reason alone I see Mizzou's exit as positive for Kansas University. It would also be a boon for the State as Kansas' major rival would be Kansas State.


Joe Ross 6 years, 6 months ago

"It's unclear how the loss of West Virginia will affect the Big East's expansion plans. The Big East made protecting its status as a BCS automatic qualifying conference its expansion priority, and adding Boise State's high successful football program to the conference with West Virginia had league officials optimistic.

Boise State President Bob Kustra has said that getting the Broncos into a conference with an automatic bid to the BCS was one of his top priorities, but the stability of the Big East was a concern. Boise State is in its first season in the Mountain West Conference. Air Force also plays in the MWC. Navy is an independent in football."


If the above is true, then the Big 12 should move in right away to take advantage of Boise's apprehension with the Big East and offer membership.

Jonathan Allison 6 years, 6 months ago

I expect the Big east to fold as a football conference shortly. After losing Syracuse, Pitt, and WVU they are dwn to 5 football members. Rutgers, South Florida, Louisville, Cincinatti, and Connecticut. Connecticut and Rutgers should be begging for an invite to the ACC. South Florida should be petitioning for the SEC. Lousville and Cincinatti have to be clamoring for the Big 10 and the Big 12 to look at them.

If, as would be expected, niether conference will take them, it would create a battle between CUSA, the WAC, and the MWC to try and garner the former Big East's AQ position.

You could potentially build a fairly strong conference out of the best teams leftover. Think BYU, Boise, Cincinatti, Louisville, Houston, SMU, Tulsa, Air Force, Nevada, San Diego State, Central Florida, Hawaii... how much would schools be willing to sacrifice in terms of travel in order to play in a BCS AQ conference. How much extra revenue would they generate by revenue sharing?

I would think that this post was completed ridiculous and possibly the dumbest thing ever written two years ago. But now, it makes me wonder...

Joe Ross 6 years, 6 months ago

Yes, you'd have enough to build a conference with the leftover teams, but I think the geography alone makes it untenable. I mean to have teams stretched out from Hawaii to New Jersey and absolutely everywhere in between makes it much more likely that those school will either become absorbed into larger conferences or become independents who may at times be forced to schedule one another. Kansas appears that it has escaped a very real possibility of being left out in the lurch, but at one time I was very afraid.

I do like the idea of the formation of the first superconference. I think it would solidify the Big 12. If the above schools were added you could do the pod system.

WEST- Boise State, BYU, Air Force, Kansas State EAST- Louisville, Notre Dame, West Virginia, Cincinnati NORTH- Kansas, Iowa State, OU, OSU SOUTH- Texas, TCU, Baylor, TTech

Stability, football, and markets are the three drivers of conference realignment. I think the above covers all of those.

Joe Ross 6 years, 6 months ago

I would add this. I would recruit Boise State and BYU together. They were in the same conference, lie in close geographic proximity, have respectable resumes, and restore the Big 12's membership back to an even 12 teams. Then I would pursue Cincinnati and Louisville together for many of the same reasons. That would put the conference on par with the SEC's and the ACC's 14 schools. Then I'd pull a coup to get Notre Dame. After ND, there are a number of schools you could look at to fill the final spot, which I think Air Force would do nicely in.

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