5 Reasons Why Kansas Could Defeat Oklahoma This Season


Yes, it seems unlikely. With Mark Mangino at the helm Kansas has never beaten the Sooners, but when programs are on the rise anything can happen. Here are five reasons why I think Kansas could subdue OU this year...finally!

  1. KU's offense is better than OU's defense. Yes. I can say that with a straight face. OU struggled greatly last year on the defensive side of the ball and they return nine starters from that team. At safety, 2 new players who remain questions will be making appearances. With the offensive weapons Kansas has, they could really pick OU apart. And even though Kansas has questions of its own on defense--especially facing the potent OU offensive machine--this could turn out to be a high-scoring affair in which both of these teams trade touchdowns. If Kansas can keep pace they can stay in the game, even if we are heavily disadvantaged against Bradford on one side of the ball.

  2. Special teams play could favor KU. OU freshman Tress Way averaged 37 yards per punt in the spring game, and Dezmon Briscoe may share duties in returning punts this year. A game in which Kansas enjoys good field position could make the job for the offense very easy and open up the playbook for offensive coordinator Ed Warriner.

  3. Timing might be everything. The week before OU plays Kansas they get Texas. If OU wins that game it may be a case of a letdown against Kansas. If OU loses, their confidence may be shaken. Either way, Kansas could take advantage of brimming confidence as they could conceivably be 6-0 heading into the matchup with the Sooners.

  4. The game is at home this year. Kansas will be in the friendly confines of Memorial Stadium. Last year we played OU close on their turf. Maybe a change of venue helps to push the Jayhawks over the hump. I can already picture fans waving the wheat...

  5. The destiny factor is in our favor. All streaks come to an end. OU has had our number for quite a while, but at various intersections in history the unthinkable happens. Just ask Boise State who defeated Bob Stoops' crew a few short years ago whether or not underdogs can stay in the fight. Kansas has a seasoned veteran squad boasting senior leadership and winning experience on its side. The mentality going into the game will not be one of defeatism. As players you live for these moments in sports to prove yourself. This may just be the year the Jayhawks knock some chips off Sooners' shoulders.

Smart money is still on Oklahoma, but it wouldn't be an upset of epic proportions if Kansas manages a win.


railer1122 9 years, 9 months ago

Memorial Stadium won't be a factor. Texas and Texas Tech came in and proved that, granted KU wasn't very good when they played Texas, but the Tech game was the game that we NEEDED to win, and our crowd was not very good after being down 14 early. But OU will not be even close to as good as they were last year, they return only 1 starter on the O-Line. Bradford won't have the time to pass as he did last year. But KU's crowd needs to be huge and CRAZY for the Nebraska and OU games. I have seen KU's crowd at their best and it's not even close to some of the top crowds in the country. When the student section is all their, they are amazing, only if the rest of the crowd gets as loud as them, we are set.

Joe Ross 9 years, 9 months ago


even if the crowd is a non-factor, that is better than playing in an environment where the crows is hyped for the other team.

Therefore, Memorial Stadium WILL BE a factor, even if only by default.

waywardJay 9 years, 9 months ago

I think, this game....can go ALONG way.... to proving your other article's premise a falsehood.

We win this game, ( which is first L most expect on the schedule ) and Any game is winnable.

Tech is not as good as last year. We can win there. Nebraska is better but not as experienced. Austin is Todd Reesing's Home, I expect "Farve 's dad dying" type of numbers from todd on that day.

justanotherfan 9 years, 9 months ago

I think OU could switch this game up on us, honestly. Everybody expects them to come in and have Bradford slinging the ball all over the field, but with their size, they could just pound it straight at us and control the clock. I wouldn't be the least surprised to see them come out with a run heavy gameplan, especially since we aren't very big on the defensive front, and force us to roll up Stuckey into the box, leaving us vulnerable over the top.

I do think we have a better chance to beat OU than Texas just because the game is at home and its the week after Texas. However, if OU loses to Texas, we may be in some trouble because OU rarely loses two straight, and they would be in a position where they would have to run the table to get to a BCS game.

William James 9 years, 9 months ago

Great job JRoss. What I like is the fact that Bradford struggled against Florida last year because he was put under pressure. Now, I know we don't have Floridas D-Line BUT we have added some supposedly excellent pass rushers to this years line and Coach Mangino thinks that could be a strength this year.
Also, all but one of OUs O-Line graduated last year. We will score and score a lot, we don't need to worry about that. The question is can we get to Bradford? If we can get to Bradford, the more unpredictable things will be when OU has the ball. Sure, OU is the favorite, but I'm telling ya I wouldn't be surprised in the least if we come out on top.

waywardJay 9 years, 9 months ago

By 1 or by 24, We win this game, we start getting national respect.

SOONERGEDDON 9 years, 9 months ago

  1. When you say KU offense is better than OU defense what does that mean?? That KU will score on OU more than 50% of their drives??? I do not think that will happen probably 24 point at best. Point 2 OU is undefeted coming off the Texas weekend win or lose under Stoops. They will be either mad as hornets coming into Lawernce or looking for the ever elusive BCS championship game. Either way that is a lose lose for KU. I do like the article and it will be a great game, and no there is always a chance OU could lose or they would not play the game.

William James 9 years, 9 months ago

Sooner- I disagree with expectations on how the KU offense will fare in this game. I don't know if they will score 50% of their possessions or not but it's certainly a possibility. This is the Big 12 after all. Remember Stillwater last year? KU scored 31 in Norman last year and is expected to have a more potent offense this year. I would be surprised if KU only scored 24 points. As far as your second point, we will have our own motivations coming into the game, trust me on that. We might lose the week before at Colorado and could be "mad as hornets" ourselves.

SOONERGEDDON 9 years, 9 months ago

Fabio- all valid points. The thing that would concern me as a KU fan it the loss of all three starting linebackers. OU fans had the same nightmare last year with only Rynolds left in the middle, as we now know he went down in the Texas game and until the last two games of the year OUs defense was not the same. Rynolds made all the defensive calls and knows the entire defense like coach V. I think the learning curve could be bigger than some fans want to admit. We are the same boat in one regaurd.. both squads are replacing three O-linemen. First game will tell a lot about OU playing BYU and not so much for KU playing Northern Colorado???

Joe Baker 9 years, 9 months ago

SOONERGEDDON (anonymous) says... Either way that is a lose lose for KU.

Either way it's a win not a lose for KU!

Every schooner has it's day and your precious Sooners are falling apart this year. I don't think you have the stellar season you tend to think you will have every year. I say your schooner wheels fall off and you drive back down I-35 with your heads down wondering just how those pesky Jayhawks put all those points on the board! Enjoy the wave of the wheat my B12 friend, because that's the only breeze you'll experience in Lawrence.

P.S. Get over Tim Tebow, Florida beat you!!

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