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A day in the life of a Jayhawk fan…

I live in North Central Kansas...and if you know about the area you know most of these people around these parts are purple people eaters!!You see I've begun to realize there are 2 types of fans in the state of Kansas...those of us who are Jayhawks and those who really wish they were!!!The ignorance and arrogance of the K-staters never cease to amaze me...the message board members know just who I'm talking about. The board has 4 or 5 of them and they bring chuckles to me regularly.Back to the topic at hand. I work with about 5 of these people. Right now the thing on their minds is the coaching search going on in Mancrappy. As my friend from the boards Leawood likes to say "the Bluemonts won't admit football was played at LGSU before 1989!" Two of my co-workers believe that some prominent coach is just waiting for the season to end sooooo he may stake out the Mildcat job!And their knowledge of basketball is even more hilarious. Somebody needs to write a novel just for them. BASKETBALL 101 FOR DUMMIES...I think it'd be a best seller!! What university in their right mind would pay an assistant coach a half a million dollars a year??Now they're talking about their next Beasley??It really must suck being the "little brother" to the Jayhawks. Like I always tell my boss..You need to switch teams....then you'll know what it truly means to be "elite!!"It's always a good day to be a Jayhawk fan....somedays are just better than others!!ROCK CHALK!!Tammy


Bill Self draws a crowd

The Rock Star was in the Building!! Yes I'm talking about our head man Bill Self!! About a week after we won the title back in April it was announced in my hometown's paper that our Coach would be in town for a speaking engagement on October 10th. Now I planned for this event months in advance, wrote in down on the calendar even wrote and requested the day off work. Tickets were free as this was sponsored by the college as a part of a series they call The Cook Series. Tickets were to be dispersed three weeks in advance on a first come first serve basis. Now mind you I've been planning this months in the day tickets were given out guess who forgot to pick them up? You're right yours truly here!! My daughter is a junior at KU was furious with me...she couldn't believe that here HER COACH was going to be speaking in her hometown and everybody was going to be there but her!!! Well I sweat it out for about 2 weeks and through a friend of a friend of a friend...I FINALLY got 2 tickets. To start the evening off they showed the Rockchalk Championship DVD...and we all had a great time!! Our coach had the 675 people in attendance eating out of the palm of his hand. He started off the evening by addressing the Mildcats in attendance telling them, "If they couldn't get into KU it was ok that they had to settle on K-State!" He addressed the Bucknell fiasco. He had had dinner that evening with a Concordia family whose son attended a school that was in the same conference as the dreaded B school. The son had told him "Well Coach EVEN WE could beat Bucknell!" HCBS took it all in stride tho. All in all coach spoke for about 45 minutes... I never realized just what a great sense of humor he was wonderful. I think one of my proudest moments was getting to shake his hand getting his autograph in his book. I was exceptionally amazed just how great he is with the young people...really taking his time to talk to them. I can honestly say a great time was had by all. Yes EVEN THE K-Staters in attendance!!


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