KU Sports Extra — Season 1, Episode 5

Tom Keegan and Matt Tait do their best to match the energy of interim KU football coach Clint Bowen in the latest installment of KU Sports Extra.


Bill Capps 6 years ago

"Clint Trickett vs Clint Tricks Up His Sleeve?"

What is in those water bottles you Salty Codger?

Joe Ross 6 years ago

13, 31...palindromes, Matt.

I sure hope Bowen is having Cozart throw a ton of passes. The last four quarterbacks who played at Kansas--Crist, Cummings, Heaps, and Cozart--simply can NOT hit a receiver. That has to be lack of practice. No way that those talented quarterbacks just get stupid on how to throw a pass. Throws have to be defensed. Glad to hear the 1's are going against the 1's. He needs a TON of reps, though.

Dale Rogers 6 years ago

I think at least part of that problem with accuracy has to do with lack of protection. They're concerned with avoiding a sack/hit and watching to see if they once again have to scramble. Give them some time in the pocket and that should hopefully improve. I'm not saying it''s the total answer but it does appear they're spending too much time looking for the guy who wants to take them out and not enough analyzing their target options. Can't say I blame them, given the lack of protection.

Chris Bailey 6 years ago

I now get why the what caught my eye segment was more of a feeling than actual facts. I guess I thought you had more access to watching practice. Wow that's nuts. I'm sure they won't tip their hand at a game plan when you're allowed in but how much more would we have known the last 2 seasons had we had you been watching practice instead of stretching and taking Weis' word. My guess is we wouldn't have seen the optimism from the fan base the last two seasons. I still liked Weis as a person. I feel bad for the guy. He's a likeable guy. Funny at times (I like the dry humor). I'm glad we've moved on. I hope Bowen has a 9 week interview that shows us if he is capable of leading this team. Only two days and we'll be that much closer to our answer. Time will tell. On the flip side I hope Zinger doesn't hire him just because he's the hometown boy alone. Gotta hire the right guy this time. I really think we gotta look at a Snyder guy. Even though Tait knows my Dark Horse candidate.

Props to Peyton Manning one of the all time greatest sportsman and a pretty funny guy. I've followed him his entire career. I was never a Denver fan until he left Indianapolis.

Great stuff guys!

Brad Farha 6 years ago

Tom & Matt -- thanks for doing this weekly segment. In honor of it, every conversation I have today will be Clint Bowen style! Intensity!

Chris Spangenburg 6 years ago

keegan saw the doughnut table there at the beginning ....

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