Kelly Oubre McDonald's All American practice

Kansas University signee Kelly Oubre, Jr., a 6-foot-7 wing from Richmond, Texas, goes through drills in the days leading up to the McDonald'a All American game. (Video courtesy of McDonald's)

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Shannon Gustafson 12 months ago

Would be great if these videos were watchable...unfortunately they aren't.

Matt Tait 12 months ago

They play fine for me... What browser are you using?

Andy Tweedy 12 months ago

I'm using Safari, Matt, and it ain't good!

Ryan Michael 12 months ago

Wow... That finish at the end was pretty impressive. Shows he's pretty agile and has a lot of touch. Hope that's a sign of things to come since we've struggled with finishing at the rim the last couple years it seems.

Jay Reynolds 12 months ago

For all you youngsters, this was what the internet was like back in 1997, waiting for 10 minutes to download a 14 second clip.

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