KU summer scrimmage highlights: June 12

KU summer scrimmage highlights from June 12, 2013. New player numbers: Frank Mason 0; Wayne Selden 1; Brannen Greene 14; Joel Embiid 21; Conner Frankamp 23; Tarik Black 25.

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David Leathers 5 years ago

Best shooting team in America? Conner, Brannen, Wayne, Perry... Who can't shoot? That's the question.

David Leathers 5 years ago

17 made threes. I don't know how many were attempted, but that's a lot of threes!

Greg Lux 5 years ago

And that was just the blue team .... AW will have no problem getting open with the outside shooting no one will be able to sink in to help on AW. I have never wished for a summer to hurry but I am wishing for this one to move ahead quickly. I can't get enough of the new KU team.

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kellerman411 5 years ago

Wow, awesome footage! What a wonderful sneak peak of what's in store in later this year.

master16 5 years ago

wow sherron gained some weight!

our team is looking good, and wiggins isn't even here yet!

jakejayhawk 5 years ago

Will another format be offered or is this forbidden for Apple users?

Sandeep Kalburgie 5 years ago

What's up with our 2014 recruiting? It looks like we are lagging behind other schools. Oh well, in Self I trust!

Justin Millsap 5 years ago

Lots of very positive stuff there on the shooting ability of our perimiter players. Tarik can finish and showed at least one nifty pass to Jamari. Embiid looked tired and/or lost and I did not see him on the positive side of any footage. The blue squad definitely took the reds to school.

Alan Dickey 5 years ago

"Embiid looked tired and/or lost and I did not see him on the positive side of any footage. The blue squad definitely took the reds to school."

Um ... Embiid was on the Red Team. The video camera was exclusively under the Blue Team's bucket. One game; two teams; two buckets; one camera. You saw one side score because there was no camera on the other side.

Jack Joiner 5 years ago

Embiid is supposed to be a defensive stopper which is where the cameras were focuced. It appears to me he is a year or two away.

Jack Joiner 5 years ago

Black appears to be big, strong and can attack the basket. He will be tough to handle in the middle.

Alan Dickey 5 years ago

I agree with both of your comments bigdog. When I watched the video, I was thinking who is that #25 shooting over and dunking on everyone? I had to pause and check.

Jonathan Briles 5 years ago

Is the 1 next to Selden supposed to be something else? I thought I saw him get at least three dunks and what looked like a three.

Bobby Burch 5 years ago

A few observations:

1) Frankamp has a freakishly fast, and accurate pull-up 2) Greene has a very nice looking shot, and might be the tallest 2 I've seen 3) Tarik is a beast — that put back against Lucas reminded me of Graves or Jackson 4) Ellis had a few nice dishes and appears to have better ball control 5) Tharpe is bigger and faster 6) Selden made those alley oops look easy 7) Mason's and-one has a Sherron-like take written all over it! 8) Game seems a little fast to Embiid 9) Those campers looked like they had a blast! 10) Who didn't make a three?

Jeff Kilgore 5 years ago

The game is not too fast for Embiid. I get tired of reading this. These games are for the guards and shooters, and this simulates game conditions but is a scrimmage. Embiid played against the WORLD's best and did well. Once you see him in a real college game, you'll think differently. He is seven feet tall and is amazingly fast.

The next time someone says that the game is too fast for Embiid, I want specifics. This approaches hive mind conversation.

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