Thomas Robinson and Travis Releford talk before Texas Tech game

KU forward Thomas Robinson says he doesn't have the green light from KU coach Bill Self to take it coast to coast after getting a rebound. "More like a yellow," Robinson said with a laugh. He and KU small forward Travis Releford talked to media members on Monday, Jan. 9, 2012, at Allen Fieldhouse.

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AsadZ 8 years ago

Releford seems to be very down to earth kind of person.

trustyourSelf 8 years ago

I know-I totally love him and I'm not even a girl.

Mike Kendall 8 years ago

Travis, along with being a very down to earth kind of person, displays some new found confidence. One can tell by his body language that his confidence is oozing out of his body. 28-point games can do that to a person.

Nice question by a reporter to T-Rob: "Thomas, do you have a green light to go coast-to-coast after getting a defensive rebound?'

After laughing a lot, T-Rob says, "No, I wouldn't say that! More like a yellow."

Classic! Funny stuff. I am sure HCBS was listening--ha, ha!

mikehawk 8 years ago

What I wanted to ask..."Travis, where did you get that cool warmup jersey?"

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