Spring game highlights

Highlights from the Kansas football spring game on April 28, 2012.

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Dillon Davis 7 years ago

Tony Pierson is a star in the making. Was hoping he'd beef up more in the offseason but he still has all summer to do that. Lots to look forward to!

KGphoto 7 years ago

Making Powell look like he's tied to a blocking sled. No offense Powell.

Pierson's legs look like Road Runner when he really gets going. Just a circle.

KUFAN02 7 years ago

I would like to see Tunde moved to SS. He played that position in JC, and our DB's are my biggest concern on d. #24 and 5uperman are phenomenal athletes that will produce for us. Aside for them i dont see any other starting DB's. Victor Simmons will contribute at FS and Pattmon will contribute at CB/NB, but we have no depth at the DB position.

Bee Bee 7 years ago

Keep in mind it was the KU defense on the field vs the #1 offense.

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