Kansas hopes to contain RG3

The Kansas defense is looking to contain Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III on Saturday.

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loyalforever 8 years ago

None of these interviews give me any hope that we have an answer for Saturday. There is just a lack of confidence. You can see it all across their faces. Uggg. "We are not going to stop him, we just need to be able to contain him." Really? How bout a little energy, and try to make your fans believe that you're going to STOP him and not just "contain". Wow!! I don't even think coach "believes" anymore. Shealy, don't you think you should watch him more so you don't have to say that you haven't watched him enough. That might just help you as you are thinking about getting our defense in the right positions. I am actually glad that I saw these interviews, so I know that my expectations can be lower than they normally are for this weekend. Thanks coach. Thanks for making me feel like our team is going to show up and not know how to STOP Baylor's QB. Can't wait to see what kind of passing and running records a single man can put up against us on Saturday cause we just don't know how we are going to prevent this from happening.

Dillon Davis 8 years ago

Yeah sadly my goal week in and week out is let's not give up another record. This is what our program has come to.

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