Turner Gill postgame: NDSU

Turner Gill addresses the media following the Jayhawks' loss to North Dakota State on Saturday, September 4, 2010.

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jayhawkfan49 9 years, 5 months ago

Turner Gill SHOULD NOT be held accountable for this loss. The play calling looked great at times. Anyone who thinks bad of Turner Gill needs to rewind their brain. First of all, the talent just isn't there as we saw on Saturday night. For example, we have a tight end who dropped about 4 to 5 passes, and out of the two he actually caught, he fumbled those two which cost KU the game. Again, Turner Gill, at least I feel this, is the right coach for KU. He knows what he's doing and with the time to come, we'll probably see improvement made by the team. I personally think that EVERYBODY should give Turner Gill a chance because he really is a great football coach. Coach Gill, I'M WITH YOU!

jayhawkintx73 9 years, 5 months ago

It was the same Tight End we had a year ago. The running backs, just didn't get the going. This isn't just about the players. It is Gill's responsibility to have them ready to play. The Receivers out gained the running backs. Gill moved Operum to Linebacker(bad move coach). We also have receivers he didn't use like McGriff. If this is the right guy, last night he did not show it. We have Georgia Tech this Saturday, and if we don't get this fixed this week, we lose by 50. NOT ACCEPTABLE.

jayhawkintx73 9 years, 5 months ago

I sat through Allen and also believed he was the right guy, and boy was I wrong.

hailtoku 9 years, 5 months ago

Are you kidding me?

So what you're saying is the NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY had better athletes than Kansas?

I promise you we had better athletes than them... when you lose to an inferior team, it means the coaching and play calling didn't put you in a position to win the game.

jhawk8487 9 years, 5 months ago

Couldn't disagree more jayhawkfan49. While there's not the greatest talent on this team, there were enough flashes to demonstrate that there is talent. It's the responsibility of the coaches to put that talent in the correct position to succeed. What would the score have been with Opurum where he should be - at RB? What would the score have been if KU hadn't wasted its timeouts because the coaches couldn't get the plays in fast enough or the correct players on the field? There were two consecutive snaps in which KU had ten players on the field! No other way to put it -that's poor coaching and unacceptable at this level. If the TE can't catch or hold onto the ball, then use him to block or go w/out TE as Mangino often did. Perhaps he knew something we just found out. A good coach will adjust the system to the talent he has available.

Mangino_Maniac 9 years, 5 months ago

After the year he had last year (as a freshman), how can the staff not play Opurum at running back??

ryanzig 9 years, 5 months ago

A very good tight end had a terrible game. A very good kicker had a terrible game. We would have won had they not played so crappy. Defense on the other hand looks awesome. Look at the defensive stats. There is so much to fix on offense in so little time. Im scared.

iseeredpeople 9 years, 5 months ago

Wow...and I thought us Nebraska fans were unrealistic and idiotic when it comes to accepting a loss....

True enough, that was horrid. But it was just the first game, and y'all are ready to fire the man (or put him on a plate for Mangino to eat). If Turner doesn't have this team better prepared for Georgia Tech, I'd be very surprised. This team needs some time to fgure out who Turner is and what he is all about, and so do you other words, the sun came up today, it will tomorrow, so take a chill pill and enjoy your pretty campus for another week...

kufankam 9 years, 5 months ago

Last night was a bad to worse type situation. Everything that could've went wrong went wrong. It is still no reason to call for the heads of everyone. I agree that it is the coaches responsibility to get the team ready. It is also the coaches responsibility to see that the team responds well to adverse situation. We now have a very ADVERSE situation (being embarassed by DII school). So, lets see how the coaches and team respond to this. Don't just judge them after this one game (while it was terrible). Further, don't question someone like Chuck Long's play calling. The man set all sorts of offensive records calling plays at OU. Difference is - he had all sorts of talented players that executed his calls. When the players execute (i.e. catch passes and not fumble), the coordinator is a genius. When they don't execute, the coordinator is an idiot. Makes no sense. Get off of Long's back and lets see how this team/coaches respond... wait til next week to jump off a cliff :)

kertupnorth 9 years, 5 months ago

I think there is a part of this that people forget. Since Lew Perkins took over as AD, we have poured a lot of money into new facilities, jumbotron, etc. This was supposedly to help us compete with the big boys for recruiting. Accordingly, ticket prices have skyrocketed. The Kansas fans (long known for supporting the basketball team, and having the football team as an afterthought) embraced and supported the football team and have paid the prices for tickets. That kind of support, both emotionally and $$$, comes with a price. We don't have to win every game...but we should be putting a competetive team out on the field. What we saw yesterday was pure crap. I'm not throwing Gill or anyone on the team under the bus. However, I am saying that at the current ticket rates, the product on the field better improve in a hurry if Gill wants to be around for year two.

Unfortunately, this has become a business. Right now I feel like a dissatisfied customer. If they want to lower the ticket prices I will lower my expectations. As it stands now however, we should be seeing better than what we saw yesterday.

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