Bill Self addresses media after NCAA loss

Bill Self speaks to members of the media following Kansas' early exit from the 2010 NCAA tournament. The Jayhawks fell to the Panthers of Northern Iowa 69-67 Saturday.


tophawk1983 10 years, 3 months ago

One of my biggest concerns this year was what the effort level of the Morrises would be. This year Marcus Morris and to a lesser extent Markieff, learned how to be ball players. Marcus gave max effort today in a tough situation and he left it all on the court. I'm confident in him next year and look forward to next season. this hurts so bad though.

rockchalk_dpu 10 years, 3 months ago

Tophawk, you are right about how this one hurts right now. I hate having to look for positives in a loss, but a similar thing happened to the team prior to the '08 title where the team suffered a loss and rallied for the next year. I don't know how it will unfold in the next few weeks with early exits for the draft and the end of recruiting, but I think that adding Mario and Travis, along with T-Rob getting experience and a summer of conditioning under his belt will help to fill the void of those leaving. This is still a great team who were beat by a better team today and that shouldn't diminish the overall result of this season despite the expectations and goals the team and fans had for it. I'm disappointed now, but still love my team and am proud to be a Jayhawk.


MGJayhawk 10 years, 3 months ago

jimjones - you're a complete moron. Bill Self is the best coach in the league. He lost 3 games this season with a team that was targeted every week. He is playing with 6-8 potential NBA players. If you fire him, there's no way to get a top 5 coach in AFH ever. You need to shut up and go find a new team to root for. GFYS!

hailtoku 10 years, 3 months ago


Bill Self has won 6 consecutive Big 12 titles.

However, I'll give you 3 schools.... Bucknell, Bradley, and Northern Iowa.

Bill Self is not getting it done. He lucked out in 08. Anyone who challenges that comment is not a sports fan.

Bill Self.... you are now being evaluated... get your f----g s---t together...

I love Bill Self, but I have to think if Pat Knight was coaching, KU doesn't get outworked the way we've been outworked tonight.

mispayku 10 years, 3 months ago

UNI is a tough team who happened to have a great day of basketball; KU is a tough team who happened to have a terrible day of do the math. I am proud of Bill Self and the entire team! Sad, yet proud. Emotions run high right now because they gave us something to hope for. Good lord, support your team and the coach...they are the reason our expectations were so high. As a fan, this feels terrible; I can only imagine how they feel right now. To the team and Coach Self, thank you for your hard work this season. Sherron, you will be missed, greatly. We started out this season as a great team and we ended it as a great team...anyone who challenges that comment is not a true Jayhawk fan. Rock Chalk forever!

jhawk2817 10 years, 3 months ago

@jimjones. Who do u think should coach us? a 83% winning coach in Self or a no name, no game guy from a mid level conf...

Dont let a bad loss become a bummer for a 30 win overall number 1 seeded season.

shoeku 10 years, 3 months ago

I don't think firing Bill Self is the answer. He is obviously a very talented coach and great recruiter. 6 straight conference championships, 1 national title and coaching during a four year period where we were the winningest KU team of all time.....That is a pretty good resume. Better than Roy's when he was at KU.

First off, I think we got screwed in the bracket, we arguably had to play the hardest 16th seed and the toughest 9 seed in the tournament. UNI's RPI of 15 should have easily given them a 6 seed or better (not to mention they came into the tournament on fire). I would have been much happier playing any other of the 8, 9 pairs. (Cal, Louisville, Gonzaga, Florida St, Wake Forrest, Texas) are all teams that underachieved all year and came into the tournament cold, and the type of teams we have beaten all year.

I will say though that we were entirely too emotional of a team to win it all. It was obvious to me that we would go down if Sharron played a pore game. Bob Knight pointed out this weakness earlier in the year. He was an emotional senior whose three point shot suffered more and more as his career was ending and he didn't take care of the ball. 0-6 from three and 5 t.o's. That's 11 possessions we missed out on points. Bill Self deserves some criticism for allowing this to happen, he was far too emotionally attached to his favorite senior and wanted to let him play. Want and need are two separate things here. He needed to take him out of the game, settle him down and have Brady feed the post where we were dominant all game. Instead Sharron played 38 minutes, including the final few during our all out press, where he was obviously too tired and allowed the ball to be thrown in (instead of denying the pass and causing a 5 second count......)

Tophawk1983, I definitely agree with you about the twins. They showed great improvement from last year (a credit to their conditioning coach and Danny Manning) and I look forward to see them improve again for next year. If Thomas Robinson can improve as much as they did the first summer, then we will be in great shape.

On a side note, I didn't think that Cole improved that much from last year. I was hoping that he was going to come out of conditioning with a quicker more athletic first step, and an upper body to mirror Sasha Kahn. Instead, he was never able to establish himself as a superior offensive threat. He just wasn't good enough around the rim, he looked indecisive at times, and missed too many short "bunnies". If he comes back next year, which I think he should, I would hope that he comes back with the confidence and domination that Saint Mary's center Samhan shows on the offensive side. If you combine that with Cole's rebounding, shot blocking skills on defense I could see him as a future starter in the NBA instead of someone who will always come off the bench. Not to mention, we would be competing for a national title again.

ku98 10 years, 3 months ago

I think people quickly forget how great it felt to finally win a title 2 years ago. We hadn't won in 20 years, including all 15 years under Roy. Now, all those ungrateful fair weather fans are back calling for Self's head. Bullsh*t. That makes more mad than yesterday's loss.
I can't believe one of you said Self lucked out in 08. Give me a break. This is March Madness. Every champion in NCAA history has had a lucky break here and there to win it all.
I am hurting as much as any real KU fan, which some of you clearly aren't, but there is no way I am going to throw our coach under the bus. RCJH. forever.

ku98 10 years, 3 months ago

@shoeku, I agree with just about everything you wrote. Nice analysis.

BabyJay2009 10 years, 3 months ago

Great teams overcome tragedies and set-backs. This is a great team! They shall overcome, and then some. KU is not defined by a single person, team, moment, time, year or game. The tradition, wins, losses, upsets, trophies, excellence and success are all part of our DNA. This is where college basketball was born. This is where we will continue to thrive and succeed.

Yes, we lost to an almost perfect team on a day that they couldn't do no wrong. (Shoot, even blindfolded, Ali could have made all of his treys!) Yes this stings and hurts worse for our guys, esp. for Sherron. Time heals. Time flies. Time conquers.

A true marking of a great team is that everyone helps each other succeed. A true marking of a greater team is that the team uses upsets such as this to drive more improvements, perfection and excellence. No other coaching staff is more resolved and equiped to take on this challenge than KU's.

A sad quick end to the season. Time to re-energize, re-load and continue our great tradition. We all should be proud of this year's team. For those who disagree, maybe it is time to consider a new team to knock on.

Rock Chalk Jayhawks!

gchawk 10 years, 3 months ago

BabyJay2009. I couldn't agree with you more, great comments. The measure of a person, or team in this case, is not why or how you get knocked down but rather how you respond. We do have a great team and an even greater coach, things just happen sometimes. I liked the post on another thread talking about last night being the perfect storm, UNI had the game of their life and we weren't able to respond. To be totally objective, although it's pretty difficult to be right now with the sting still burning, last night was actually good for basketball, unfortunately it came at our expense. There is so much more parity now than when I played 30 years ago, these kids are all just awesome athletics. You can bet that last night will serve as a wake up call to all the teams remaining, anything can and will happen. Kind of reminds me of the 1980 U.S. hockey team. We will overcome and be better because of last nights nightmare.

ancient_hawk 10 years, 3 months ago

Congrats to UNI for coming up with a battle plan to slow us down, and sticking to it. All season long, lesser teams have tried this. With the exception of Tenn and OSU, there was a point in each game when we would punch them in the mouth, and they would take a step back. When we hit UNI, a seriously underseeded, experienced, and tough team just hit back.

I fully expected a game like this at some point. I figured it would be Syracuse with their long-armed 3-2 zone. I expected UNI to be tough, but not death. I'm not one to point fingers...a loss is a team loss, period...but one stat jumps out. Collins and Taylor 0-11 combined from the arc. Hell, they were pulling off Taylor and begging him to shoot. Someone did their homework.

And when a 7-footer, who is 1-11 for the season behind the arc, calmly buries 2 early 3's, and then hits circus shots from the post on Cole-man, you know it's going to be one of those games.

HCBS will shoulder any guff about coming out flat and over-confident, that's a coach's job description. But at some point, you have to point at the players. They're big boys.

Tactically, my only criticism is sticking with the pick/roll and weave too long. It doesn't work against a sagging M-M. And we were way too aggressive early in the shot-clock with the inside lob. I would have preferred using the first half of the shot-clock moving the ball side-to-side, and using cross-picks and pin-backs inside. If no joy, then using down screens and double picks low, with Brady, X, and Tyrel curling to the elbows. They are all dead-eyes with that shot.

I'm sure that I will get flamed for this, but I would have platooned Collins and Taylor for ball-handling/defense/setup. It just wasn't Sherron's day, they game-planned to stop his penetration, and that needs to be addressed.

Still, congrats to UNI. They did their jobs, and caught us on one of those 2 out of 10 days. RCJH forever.

AsadZ 10 years, 3 months ago

This one hurts bad. But time is a healer. I cant wait for next year. How many days till late night?

stevennolin 10 years, 3 months ago

I think the lame excuses Self gave in the post game interviews are BULL, we had the "best" team on paper, although how many fans felt the demise of the Jayhawks before this game started? I did, the play by this team has been lackluster at best, all the games we have struggled, been behind, caught up, and won? Come on look at these mid major conference teams, they have nothing to lose, they don't have 5 star blue chip players who are supposed to light the world on fire, but they win and die by the three point shot, and it seems when any team that plays us will win by the three point shot. Was that goofy lookin center from Northern Iowa a better player than Aldrich? I don't believe so but he did what he needed to do, and how about the other one who looked like an oversized leprecaun he did what it took to help his team too, I just think we put our players on a shelf and are in awe of them, they are there to win games, and the coaching staff hmmm sitting on the bench in disbelief like Self has done so many times is mind boggling, I don't know I'm just dissapointed in the whole season, players and coaches

JS82 10 years, 3 months ago

I like Bill Self and I think he is a good coach but I still think you have to look at the team you are going against and makes adjustments. KU had the superior athletes and using that superiority through a pressing defense would have done two things, speed up the game and wear out the opponent. Yes we did it but we should have done it to start the second half at least. You have to every now and then deviate from a normal game plan to something different especially in the NCAA Tournament. He pulled the trigger too late.

Great year though and just glad we had Sherron for 4 years. Good luck to him, X and Cole if they decide to leave. Next year will give us another opportunity to cheer on the Jayhawks.

Chris Bruning 10 years, 3 months ago

what a couple a frickin fools we have posting bill self...get a life you idiots!!! only a mediocre jayhawk or college basketball fan would say some s*** like that....Bill Self has been 1st class since day numero uno...fastest to 200. great recruiter. winner. the list goes on and on. Now maybe if tulsa and Oral Roberts have been forfeiting wins lets think about it. The coach in Lawrence, KS is much better than that phony in Lexington, KY. ill take bill self over any coach out there any day......FOOLS

kualuminohio 10 years, 3 months ago

What in the world, Bill Self is a phenominal coach... All you fools jumpin the gun on your emotions, need to chill out. Could have the game been better coached, yes, without a doubt. The fact is we are one of the best teams in the nation, we lost one game. I was tripped out after the game, there were signs of our weaknesses all year though. Bill Self admitted so on several occasions. The players have to be able to Gel on the court if they are not making that happen, that is not Selfs fault. no matter how many players you rotate in and out if they are not gelling, doesn't matter. Fact is, all the fans owe The team and the coaches a big thanks for a great year... Thanks guys, Rock Chalk...

FairgroveJayhawk 10 years, 3 months ago

AsadZ - approx. 209 days. but who's counting :)

MGjayhawk - GFYS, brilliant acronym. I've never seen it but will begin using it immediately..

jimmy :)....

jlbird85 10 years, 3 months ago

Anyone who thinks we should get rid of Self is a moron. The guy is a top 5-10 coach in the college game today if you consider all factors - X's & O's, recruiting, alumni relations, positioning the program and that other thing..winning. As several people have mentioned, we've already won a national title and have won 6 straight league titles. With so much emphasis on the national tournament, it's easy to forget how significant a league title is....and to win 6 of them in a row is amazing. Every team in the big dance is solid and we ran into a tough match-up, a team that likely should have been seeded at least 3 seeds higher and a veteran group who out-played us from start to finish.

Still, Congrats to the team on a great year. To the players coming back, we look forward to next year and making another run. Get ready.

jtick 10 years, 3 months ago

I don't think anyone can argue Self was outcoached. The team looked poor against Lehigh and it continued on to the next game. Both opponents were able to impose their wills onto a superior KU team. I think Self made a horrible mistake by relying on Collins so much against UNI. He was completely out of control - can't count the number of times he should have been whistled for travelling. And when Self finally took him out in that key period late in the second half, KU responded favorably. I think the coach is a class act, but when you lose to Bucknell, Bradley and UNI, questions arise. Sure, emotions play a role in this post, but I've waited 48 hours to try and gain a sense of objectivity. I just wish Self would have taken more responsibility for not getting this team to perform. They were an enigma all season, and I'm not sure they ever really improved overall (sounds ludicrous at 30-2 and Big 12 champs, but I stand by the statement). And does anyone else wonder what a hardworking Mario Little, ala Darnell Jackson, would have meant to the team this year?

Tom Richmond 10 years, 3 months ago

The Doc says my wrists will heal eventually and the bandages can come off in a couple of weeks. Lot of blood and broken furniture to clean up and I haven’t seen the cat in three days. But I’m getting over it. We lost and I haven’t had the TV on since Friday because I didn’t want to listen to Vitale, Bilas, Digger and all the pundits tell me how badly my Jayhawks played. Didn’t want to hear it – so I’m in denial.

Been following Kansas basketball since my freshman year in ’51-'52 when we won it all. This was the toughest loss because of the expectations. A close second was the 85-82 loss to Arizona in Birmingham when we had LaFrentz, Pierce, Vaughn, Pollard, Thomas, Haase and Robertson. We were 34-1 in ‘97 with probably the best team since Danny’s championship run. That was a long drive home. But I got over it.

Like most avid fans I feel badly for the players and coaches. Don’t want to hear any recriminations. This was a great team that had a terrific year. Think about it. Number 1 for all but four weeks. Won the conference by four games and the Big 12 Tournament. So we lost to a good team and we played poorly until the last eight minutes. What is really depressing is we still have two weeks of tournament basketball with no Hawks. Too early for baseball and the NBA players phone it in until the playoffs. Maybe lacrosse. I just realized again I don’t have too many seasons left. And I still have to find the cat.

hawkinnebr 10 years, 3 months ago

Changes need to be made and I really don't know where to start. Morningstar and Reed need to be let go. They are fair players but, thats it. Maybe they should transfer to Nebr. Henry is overated and Taylor is a load that needs to be let go. Cole is not ready for the NBA by a long shot. He played like his head wasn't in the game. Bill Self better start coaching or get out of the game. Bucknell ring a bell. He is not the coach we thought he was. At least we have a team in Kansas that is still playing in the Sweet 16 and Frank Martin is the coach. Go Wildcats.

Rod Huffman 10 years, 3 months ago

First off I would like to say this was another great season of Jayawk basketball. It just ended way to soon. Thanks guys and sorry for the loss. Now it was not any one particular persons fault they lost. Not the coach, not the senior, not the freshman nor anyone else. It was a team loss just as all wins are team wins! Bill Self is among the elite college coaches and should remain a coach and Kansas for many more years. He will coach the Hawks to many other championships. We all know that KU would win any other meeting with UNI, they just caught KU one bad day. S--t happens that way sometimes. You can say what you want, but this team was the most talented team in the NCAA! Unfortunatly they all had their bad game at the the same time. Give credit to UNI, they are a very good team, but not as good as they played saturday. And that leads me to another point. We must remember that they were a heavy loaded senior team. That is 4 year experience vs our one senior team. Expeience is as valualble as talent in most cases. With all due respect to the UNI's, Bucknells and Bradleys... KU wins any other meeting these teams have in their corresponding years. All the talk of Coach Self, Brady, Tyshawn or whoever needs to go is total "cry-baby" bs! These are great guys who will bounce back and be there next year. If you don't think so then find another team to root for! As for Self not being a motivator. Who needs to be motivated by their coach to go out and perform at their best anytime let alone tournament time? These are young men and they shouldn't need to be motivated by anyone other than themselves. That "motivation" that everyone is in awe of by Frank Martin isn't motivation. It's intimidation plain and simple. Not taking anything away form Coach Martin as he is a very good coach, just seems to me his style of motivation is what got Mangino into trouble, intimidation!!! Yes Mangino took it too far, but still it's the same thing. Nuff ranting for one day. Again thanks KU for a great season. I am already looking forward to next year. Hopefully Cole is back, X needs another year and I believe we will be champs again!!! (even if they both go to the pros.) Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU!!!

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