Missouri and Nebraska given ultimatum in Big 12

Other schools in the conference gave the schools a deadline of Friday to decide if they're leaving the conference.


TrueBlue92 11 years ago

Oh, yea, that'll work. What are they going to do if MU and NU say nothing by 5 PM? Take away their birthday? Gimme a break, this shows how the Big 12 thinks it has sway, but it sure does not.

meremy 11 years ago

Missouri and Nebraska have good reason to be as open as possible. If the conference falls apart not because anyone actually plans to leave but because of speculation and innuendo, where will Missouri and Nebraska be?

DevilHawk 11 years ago

The Big-10 wants Notre Dame.

Mizzou has made it no secret that they want to join the Big-10.

The Pac-10 wants to establish a Pac-10 TV Network and is debating whether to go after CU and UT before it enters the first round of TV contracts.

The questions are: 1) Will the Big-10 invite Mizzou? 2) Will the Pac-10 decide to expand? If so, which teams will they invite?

If UT gets invited to another conference and leaves, then the Big-12 as a whole and each school individually is forced to consider the options to replace the revenue that they received because of UT and the UT markets.

All of this Big-12 doomsday speculation will end when UT makes a decision, but it is either intrigued by the possibility of a Pac-10 invite or using the idea as leverage against the other Big-12 schools to let UT share less of its revenue.

Spencer Goff 11 years ago

Read the ESPN article on this. I made a previous post about a few things on why this conference is not a strong conference. One was that nobody likes Texas BUT Texas, because the Big 12 offices have pretty much been run by UT for fifteen years and counting.

Well check out this quote from Tom Osbourne (who, by the way, flushes more football knowledge than Mack Brown will ever have):

Osborne told the Journal Star there was an agreement put in place at the Big 12 meetings in Kansas City, Mo., last week that "[conference commissioner] Dan Beebe and [Texas president] William Powers would do the speaking."

Let me translate, "Well, they have decided that they run the show, and only one school is allowed to speak, so who gives two s$!ts what they say. We were pissed about Texass running the show beforehand, and this only pissed us off further. So we'll see you around. Even if Texas follows into the Big 10, at least their commish won't cater to them. See ya later Dan!"

kualuminohio 11 years ago

The more I read the more I think this is all hype, nobody is going anywhere... It just doesn't make any sense. it wouldn't benefit anyone.

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