GameDay Cram Session: Nebraska online editor Jesse Newell and Journal-World sports editor Tom Keegan take a look at what to expect from the Kansas basketball team's matchup against Nebraska.


Kent Wells 10 years ago

Wait a second, Tom! The stategy should be pound it in to Cole - so why is Morris your Hawk to Rock??? I guess you don't think they will be successful pounding it in to the big fella!

suttonku 10 years ago

Jesse, did you take a look at my scouting report? lol I agree with everything on Nebraska and TOm is right on, we need to pound the ball inside because that is our strength in this game. Morris twins need to come out and dominate from the the tip and shut Standhardinger down because he has potential to out work them inside.

KU gonna win by more than 8 and more than 15...Im gonna say 23...NU will stick around for a bit but I dont see them hanging on too well by the end of the first half.

Dont understand why EJ is not playing...TT needs to ride the pine! EJ plays with more heart and energy and I think he is way more talented that TT. I hope to see CJ get more minutes as well.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago

KU should win the game but I say it will be by five. Jesse's prediction of eight points isn't too far off. My concern at this point, is that in the Big 12 contests so far, home teams have won all of the games except for one. That is a huge concern because KU is, after all, on the road. Before Christmas, I would have said KU by 20, but because of their poor performance at Tennesse, this will be a closer game. RCJHGOKU!

suttonku 10 years ago

Why do you think that KU will play bad tomorrow night based on a game at Tennessee? That doesnt make sense to me, especially with Bill Self. Look the man is a genius at getting his players ready to play and I think he will do it again tomorrow night. I think they will be more focused than ever because these games mean more than the others they have played. Yeah they lost to Tennessee, who cares? Honestly it will probably make them focus more. I look for KU to play very hard tomorrow night and I think they will put Nebraska away. But, if they let Nebraska hang around and gain confidence then yeah we could be in for a tough ride but if we jump on them early and create turnovers and take good shots then we will be fine. The main thing for this game should be to score inside as much as possible and hit the jumpers when they are open. Yes this game is on the road but we played at Tennessee where there were over 24,000 people...the Devaney center hold just over 10,000 and there will be a lot of blue at the game, including myself.

Mike Kendall 10 years ago


All good points--by golly, I hope you're right. Lord knows, I would love to see a blowout by KU!

Good luck, Hawks! Enjoy the game, "Suttonku."

nebraskahawkfan0308 10 years ago

I hope I see some fellow KU fans in Lincoln for the game tonight! Rock Chalk!

Suttonku, where are your seats at?

suttonku 10 years ago

Well I have student tickets...I was thinking about showing up in Nebraska stuff to get into the student section and then tearing it off as the game started but if I dont I will be back behind one of the baskets.

BMonstaC 10 years ago

I think the Hawks will be hungry tonight, really hungry. They're sick of watching the news too. Is it possible that they overlooked the VOLs in part because they were thinking about league? Winning the Big 12 is undoubtedly on their goal sheet, maybe beating Tennessee wasn't. Statement game? I don't know, but if they aren't a little more junkyard dog tonight there's a problem. RCJHGoKU

Tony Bandle 10 years ago


Put on one of those rocked chalked Tennesseee T-Shirts and KU will win by 50!!!!!!!!

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