Jayhawks set to face depleted Tennessee team

The No. 1 KU basketball team will not face Tennessee's full complement of players Sunday afternoon because of drug- and gun-related suspensions served to four Vols.

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yates33333 10 years ago

I am not sure "depleted" is the correct verb. We shall see if these four were "vital."

Alan Dickey 10 years ago

"I am not sure 'depleted' is the correct verb."

"Depleted" is used as an adjective, not a "verb" there grammar guy.

brooksmd 10 years ago

ralster (anonymous) says... Perhaps more appropriate would be "recently un-loaded Tennessee team"...

As in S&W 9mm?

yates33333 10 years ago

OK. I am not sure it is the right adjective. It is a verb used as an adjective, pedant. I doubt their team is depleted.

Bruce Brock 10 years ago

Given the open container and scent of cannabis in the car, perhaps more appropriately it should be "formerly-loaded-but-more-recently-unloaded Tennessee team." The late, great Dr. Bremner might have called that a compound adjectival phrase.

KU crushes a disorganized team of guys trying too hard, 89-63.

yates33333 10 years ago

Unfortunately, they weren't "depleted," but we were defeated.

BTW MARINEHAWK what you mean is that "depleted" wasn't the predicate. Of course, I didn't say it was.

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