Comment from Mark Mangino

Coach Mark Mangino talks with reporters about the altercation.

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Jason Spangler 8 years ago

"Today's practice was exceptionally good."


phi4life940 8 years ago

"not near as big a deal as some media outlets have portrayed."

Isn't this always the case!

kwsimpson23 8 years ago

Major running on its way for the boys.

Jeff Worthington 8 years ago

Mangino will have us focused for Saturday, and then the next two weeks are gonna be miserable for those involved in today's incidents.

Rivethead 8 years ago

"Today's practice was exceptionally good."

Hard to screw up running laps and stairs.......

okiedave 8 years ago

Unfortunately, young athletes do not understand that the women who hang around the athletic dorms and bounce around from one athlete to another are not the young girls they should be even remotely interested in having a relationship with. The real catches are the young girls who have no interest in hanging around an athletic dorm, but are working hard in pursuing their objective of getting a degree, you find them in the education bldg., the science bldg., at church, at seminars, just about any building on campus, except the athletic dorm lounge.

okiedave 8 years ago

Of course, the above is a general life lesson and probably is not the situation involved in the matter involving the players being discussed in this matter.

John Brown 8 years ago

"Today's practice was exceptionally good!?"

  • Translation -

Let the cleansing begin! Purge those souls of their sinful desires! One - Two - Three....... Focus! Focus! One hundred and Five, One hundred and six....

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