GameDay Cram Session: Central Arkansas online editor Jesse Newell and Journal-World sports editor Tom Keegan take a look at what to expect from the Kansas men's basketball team's matchup against Central Arkansas.


JayCeph 11 years ago

I'm not one to generally complain about what "isn't" on this site (for I do love to visit it daily) but it seems to be lacking this type of component lately... as far as this season goes -

Perhaps we can get some local color/perspective soon?

Kent Wells 11 years ago

Oh, the image. Please give me something like a brain douche to eliminate that image...

Carter Patterson 11 years ago

50 pts? Keegan what are you ? Carnac the Magnificent!

mjlindsm 11 years ago

Thanks JayCeph. That was written by a guy a few cubicles down from me. I'll let him know you liked it.

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