Recruit Lance Stephenson to make decision on Tuesday

KU recruit Lance Stephenson is expected to announce on Tuesday where he'll be playing basketball next season.


Self4Prez 12 years ago

Looks like Stephenson won't be announcing his decision today. This can't be a good thing...

William Woody 12 years ago

Self4 Prez, what do you know the rest of us hasn't seen on the press yet? All I've seen is that he will announce today.

TexasHawk44 12 years ago

why can that not be a good thing? This has been his plan for the last couple of weeks...

Drew Bender 12 years ago

I have also read that he wont be announcing his choice today

DocBean 12 years ago

it's not a good thing because everyone expected Lance to pick KU today. Him putting it off, just means he might be questioning that. Callipari is really rocking the boat this week.

Self4Prez 12 years ago

bwood - check out

TexasHawk44 - if this has been his plan for the last couple weeks, then why is it just coming to light today?

Peetro1981 12 years ago

Who knows what will happen. If Calipari goes to Kentucky, look for Henry to back out of Memphis and possibly opt for KU. This coaching change could send major waves through the recruiting world...espicially since a lot of LOI haven't been signed yet.

Jaminrawk 12 years ago

Yeah, I had a bad feeling about this morning and Stephenson putting off his announcement is only bad for KU. If he was so sold on KU then he would have announced already. I just wish he would go ahead and get it over with. These recruits are becoming huge prima donnas. What happened to the days where Chalmers and Wright just committed? It is weird that some programs get these guys committed as juniors.

TexasHawk44 12 years ago

Henry is not going to opt out and come to KU. Yes, Cal going to Uk will have an impact on kidding... Stephenson always planned on announcing today at the McDonald's game. Who was reporting he would announce on Monday? Nothing I have read in the past week...

Self4Prez 12 years ago

TexasHawk44 - yes, we all know his plan WAS to announce today, but it changed last night. The point I was trying to illustrate is that Stephenson was a virtual lock before the UK-Calipari situation came about. If Stephenson was so sold on KU then he would have gone ahead and announced his decision today. Clearly this is the case and that is why this can't be a good thing.

TexasHawk44 12 years ago

Ok. I will eat some crow..or Hawk...Zagsblog is reporting that Stephenson is not announcing today and is postponing his announcement. I still don't see why. That said, I would be surprised if Henry comes to KU even if Cal leaves. Don't get me wrong I would be thrilled with Henry or Stephenson in a KU jersey next year. Both are great players and both are one and done...

Self4Prez 12 years ago

Sorry for the typo - Clearly this is NOT the case and that is why this can't be a good thing.

TexasHawk44 12 years ago

Yeah, I get it. But your comment was directed to the story that he WAS announcing today. That is what made everyone question your original post. You did not reference a change in the plans that Zags Blog is reporting... Clearly with the delay in the announcement you are right: it is not a good thing.

Brian Conrad 12 years ago

texashawk44 "even if Cal leaves" eat some crow "This has been his plan for the last couple of weeks..." "would be surprised if Henry comes to KU even if Cal leaves " You have been all over throwing your vast Completly wrong knowledge . If you want to talk call each other , stop posting crap. recruits may think guys like you are what KU fans are about. True KU fans would never speculate about a young man's intentions. Positive you have not spoken with X or Lance

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