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KU freshmen Ben McLemore, Jamari Traylor ineligible for 2011-12 season

wow this is gonna be one iffy season. This has to be Self's worse recruiting year, I wasn't too pleased with it before and now this!

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‘Late Night’ great night for KU hoops recruits

fingers cross on Kaleb!

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Bill Self assists at Coaches vs. Cancer

Warning: hihawk is a troll

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Can’t quite ‘believe’

FACT: Keagan is a KSTATE fan

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Can’t quite ‘believe’

Keagan's articles are a waste of time.... How about we start a fire keagan website?!

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Thomas Robinson named Wooden Award preseason candidate

You would think tyshawn is gonna be great this year since has been here forever... but he will probably still be the same tyshawn. No jumpshot, head scratching passes and lousy finger rolls. I hope he proves me wrong.

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Coach, team make it tough to 'believe'

Recruit some defense talent Gill, we got some sorry players out there on the d-line

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Tyrel Reed top Jayhawk against Kansas State

Sherron tried to take over the game against UNI last year and failed...

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Tyrel Reed top Jayhawk against Kansas State

tyshawn was terrible but I think Keegan got this right. You cant say that rest of the guys ranked below tyshawn played better than him. They all sucked.

Can't believe Reed was the only guy really attacking the rim with success. Too many egos on this team sometimes. Pointing fingers and complaining way too much on the court. Its all going to come down to T-rob being healthy and TT playing well in the tourney. I'm not worried about the morris twins.

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Tyshawn Taylor takes top Keegan honor

Wow we did not deserve to win this game. Honestly Im not sure how we did win. Morris twins and Trob were getting worked down low all game. Their post defense is so sorry right now. Joshua smith had a nice game tho, the dude is a brick in the paint. I know TT got us some clutch points but I really don't agree that he had a great game. He threw a slew of wild passes. He's the one that threw the dumb pass to mario little in the paint during the last few seconds. Mario shouldn't have gotten the ball.

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