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Sheahon Zenger’s pick: Take it or Leavitt

Awwww, Keegan's got his little feelings hurt.

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J-W writer wins award

Uh...which story?

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Kansas University football notebook

"Maxwell Onyegbule learned in late January the NCAA would not grant him an additional year of eligibility, thereby ending his college career."

It's February 18. Why the delay in reporting this?

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KU-UT rivalry a doozy

Just a suggestion: these types of stories are easier/more interesting to read when they're written with the games in chronological order.

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Big 12 prospects dominate 2010 mock draft

Sergio Kindle needs to stay healthy for an entire season if he wants to sniff the Top 15. He's an elite talent but consistent health issues make you wonder if an NFL team will take a chance on him.

Eric, who do you see being the next pick from the Big 12 North after Suh? Because the common theme I see is Big 12 South, Big 12 North, Big 12 South, Big 12 South, Big 12 South, Big 12 South, Big 12 South, Pac-10, Big 12 South, Big 12 South.

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Best football player in Big 12 is...?

You almost have to group Meier and Reesing together. Without the other, neither would be nearly as productive.

I'm OK with the rankings except for Robert Griffin at Baylor. I'd like to see a little more success out of him before calling him the conference's fifth-best player.

Greene, I couldn't agree more about Stuckey. He doesn't get the chance to put up the numbers that the offensive players do, but from a leadership standpoint and how much he changes the game, I would argue that he's KU's best player.

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Defense shines for Missouri

"OK, I'm sick of the Mizzou stories. I know Doogie is behind this. stop now."

It's an Associated Press story, something "Doogie" has no control over. Nobody forced you to click the link, so you know, chill out.

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Big 12 is KU's to lose next hoops season

Eric, if Willie Warren leaves, how far do you see OU dropping?

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Gary Bedore's KU Basketball Notebook

Don't pay attention to Foamy and others like him/her. They don't understand basketball but enjoy feeling informed.

It's OK, Foamy. Lots of people do it.

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Gary Bedore's KU Basketball Notebook

There's about a 0% chance Gillespie would join Self's staff if he were fired at Kentucky. You don't go from million dollar coach at one of the top programs in the country back down to an assistant. It doesn't happen. Plus, who would he replace? Any movement by Dooley and Co. would likely mean Barry Hinson steps in.

Additionally, I'm sure Bill has worked out the number of scholarships available one way or another. He wouldn't be recruiting Lance if there "wasn't room" for him. Someone is leaving.

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