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Ranking the 2020-21 Kansas Jayhawks heading into college basketball's offseason

I love Garrett and will be interesting to see how he plays this year without Dok and Dotson. He was able to get to the rim with surrounding talent, but who are we going to rely on for points this year? I'm predicting this team will be one of the lowest scoring teams we've had in the BS tenure. If we can play good defense, that will win us a lot of games, but I can't imagine this roster putting up consistent numbers in the 70s or beyond

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Kansas point guard Devon Dotson declares for 2020 NBA draft

Dotson's stock will never be higher. He had a career year and is losing the best big in the game. If he came back, defenses would focus more on him and his potential for injury goes up, stats and numbers go down. Can't blame him but will miss him

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No. 3 Kansas commits 28 turnovers in 68-66 loss to No. 4 Duke in Champions Classic

What the skinny with Moss? Is he still hurt?

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Perry Ellis injured early, Self Made suffers lopsided loss in opening round of TBT

The lack of hustle, boxing out, rebounding and defense by this squad during the loss amazed me. Sideline Cancer was just scoring at will and was quite the disappointment to watch after the anticipation.
Just a rough effort all around

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Former Jayhawk Dedric Lawson represents KU's best chance at extending NBA draft streak to 10 consecutive years

Good luck in the developmental league, Dedric. Thanks for all you did this past year. No chance that he gets drafted, but hard work can land him somewhere for sure post-Draft

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Moving 3-point line back 1 of 4 rule changes adopted by NCAA for 2019-20 season

This is going to help Charlie Moore ... no arc, all push/power
Take Depaul to the big dance in 2020-2021 for the first time in 15 years

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2020 star set to announce Top 10 schools

Top 10? Sorry but this is ridiculous. Who gives a sh*t about top 10.
Talk about trying to milk it for all it's worth. It's not a Ms USA pageant...

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5-star target R.J. Hampton passes on KU to head overseas

I'm done with following recruiting... such a massive waste of time. Watching updates, crystal balls, tweets, etc for months and the drama and the suspense only for this garbage. Nothing personal against the kid, but this happens far too often with the build up and excitement and then nothing. Maybe I'm bitter, but there's no predicting when it comes to the mind of a kid and the path of money. I've followed him and dozens of others over the years and going forward will just check this site to see who signed on...
In the end it's always about money. No kid has a dream of going to play in Australia. The end goal is money and when it's flashed in front of you, education is a distant second.

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Report: Hampton family waiting to see who stays in NBA Draft before making college decision

So, I like what his dad says about him and Dotson in the backcourt... but is he really going to come here if Dotson is back as PG? I can't see them both playing PG and getting valuable minutes

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