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Duke’s Marvin Bagley, offensive rebounding could be a ‘problem’ for Jayhawks

We haven't played an inspired and really good game since the Big XII tourney. If we play our best game then, whatever happens, we can be proud. This is not a super Duke team.

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Tom Keegan: Teammates determined to launch Devonte' Graham to Final Four

Duke with four of it's top five scorers being freshmen. Only team in NCAA with more (six) McD's AA's than UK. Hall of fame coach who has been to the final four 14 times with 12 wins. Bagley III is hot, hot, hot right now. Grayson Allen is a Blue Devil most of us dislike. Bagley says we will be beat down on offensive rebounds at both ends.

Most of the time freshman remember who they are and play tight at the wrong times. Their zone is a defense we can struggle against but not a tradition like Syracuse's. Both teams have beat Syracuse's zone and who also plays a lot of freshmen.

I hope we don't get the same referees as last game as they had a bad day.

Self said we will shoot thirty 3's. I hope we don't do our 1 for 7 thingy to start this game but who knows, it may not matter. If we hit our shots we will still need to defend and rattle their frosh. DeVonte is due for a big game. Since all teams decide they won't let Svi beat them then Vick and Malik make a bunch of plays on both ends of the floor. Really not sure what to expect out of Udoka but another DD and stay on the floor without fouling. Silvio could have another game like the Clemson one I feel. When Marcus won't shoot he needs to play smart and be at the rim.

If we don't force our three point attempts and still shoot 30+ we will win.

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Kansas survives close call vs. Clemson to advance to Elite Eight

We panicked at the end and survived. We did the same favor to Clemson when we were comfortably up that WVU did for us at Allen. Outsmarted ourselves just like Huggy did for WVU.

Do we have a propensity for letting one player from each team have a career night?

It's always the same thing which is easing up, as DeVonte said, when we have a lead. Anyone who has a lead on us isn't safe and anyone who is down to us isn't out of it. I guess it evens out.

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Clemson, Kansas both bring guard-heavy lineups

Sounds like Coach Brownell is on top of it by saying Malik is playing as well as he has been and the caveat "at least shooting the ball." Honest man or subtle dig? I'll go with honest.

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KU's Bill Self pegs confidence, fresh legs as common denominators of deep tourney runs

No buzz, Bill alluding to his record in the Tourney and expressing being less than satisfied with two FF's in 14 years. What's the world coming to?

The way I see it Self has been more open about his feelings regarding his team and mindset this year. When he expressed that at one point he thought we would end up with only about 8,
(i think), wins in conference and when he admitted he was out of options for relieving Udoka for fouls and rest. It also seems like he is a bit more demonstrative after big wins and saying leaving Dok in the game at Lloyd Noble was probably the wrong thing to do.

We've talked about and pundits are saying this is Self's best coaching year. It may be a little premature to say that with a game and hopefully more to come. With an almost healthy Big man and our other parts we just might get it done and since Virginia'a ouster Bill likely will garner another COY award.

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Clemson hopes stingy defense travels with Tigers to Omaha

Delgado was uncanny. But not enough.

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Clemson hopes stingy defense travels with Tigers to Omaha

Lightfoot to Kick Ass? Clever.

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Clemson hopes stingy defense travels with Tigers to Omaha

Clemson in last ten games 5-5

Loses are to 5 NCAA teams

Wins FSU + 2 in NCAA in tourney

KU in last eleven games 10-1

Loss was to OSU

Wins ISU and 9 tourney teams

These LJW writers and our fellow posters are all over the great game, or games by top teams, being followed by not so great game and if this is true then does it follow that Clemson, which is not a top team, has had one good game (NMST) and then a great game (Auburn) followed by …..?

KU, without their big man in top form, has a great game (WVU) followed by two average games (NCAA) followed by a …..?

Their strength is getting the ball inside where they score at a 53% rate. Good stuff and possibly causing foul issues for Udoka. They are not known as a good offensive rebounding team but if you hit most of your shots then it might not be as much of a liability as it seems. Also they are a very good inside defensive team with a good rim defender at 6’9”.

Even with all that I would think they will have to have help from us by being crappy from deep, timid inside, getting called for offensive fouls (especially Dok), missing FT’s and having an average game.

Probably don’t need a great game but above average has a darn good chance.

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KU freshman Marcus Garrett guides KU to key bucket in relief of Devonte' Graham

He can certainly handle the ball and even beat the press a time or three.,

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Tom Keegan: Nudge in right direction awakens Malik Newman

On some of out 10 straight FT to end the game there may have been a helping hand around the peach basket.

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